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Unlike Me

  The gnashing of fresh flesh The clattering bones against gritted teeth The creatures consumed my crewmates Spilling blood and tendons from underneath   Stuck on a foreign planet With no plans on how to return home My crew and fellow compatriots Were conquered, like in the days of Rome   Screams and cries were silenced by murder The devouring of bodies forced them to a murmur Hiding away in my disheveled travel cell I winced as the noises made me grasp my blade firmer   To devise an escape under such circumstances With the creatures furthering their advances My odds of living through an escape enhances My will to make a run and take my chances   The fumes of the ship forced others to suffocate Bodies fresh for the creatures to excavate The ship had just enough power left to automate An escape pod, through which I could vacate   As I left the ship and made my escape I could now see the assaulters in full form Thousands of them darke