One Last Sip

One last sip of this spirit

Would be enough to sink my spirit

Is what I used to justify myself

Taking another hit


Finding myself slipping under again

As the pool of poison swirled around me

Realizing that I was sinking again

As I heard voices that cheered with glee


The world sank beneath my weight

As the ground itself seemed to give underneath

Twirling as the liquid itself

Dragged me down to the depths beneath


Tingling, my body experiencing deprivation

As my senses began to numb

I allowed myself to sink even further

Following my uncle’s rule of thumb


The effects beginning to take hold

As my form slowly began fitting the mold

Watching seemingly from a distance

As my body began to turn cold


Escaping the world I was a part of

And entering the realm of the spirits

Meant to cleanse my soul and mind

Weighed more than it brought its merits


Following my uncle’s rule of thumb

I sank further than I could return from

Dreading the monsters that lurked down here

Dreading what faceless creature I would become


Seeing lost expressions gasp at my appearance

They seem to part ways with coherence

Watching as humanoids gave clearance

Almost as if to avoid interference


Make way they did for a creature most foul

Demanded I be a vessel, obsessed as an addict

As I gave way for the will of my uncle

So as to avoid unwanted conflict


As the creature flowed within me

I shot back awake

Back home with an open bottle

And a shot of spirit ready for intake



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