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A Realm Kept In Mind

Heavy is the head of a mind plagued in avarice Heavier is the heart of a man with heart most cavernous Sturdy is the blade with which he wields Sturdier than any defense provided by shields   This is the figure that my tormentor warned of A boogeyman wielding death in an iron glove My much less of a mentor warned of a day Where living would be too much of a price to pay   My supposed grand protector Served to be more of a haunting specter The name Joseph Murdoch brought fear to my ear As the name of my life’s new director   Direct as he was, I could never understand Why my disagreement brought such reprimand The screaming, the shouting, the beatings from his hand As he tried to strengthen me for the training that he had planned   “You do not see what lies ahead of you From a world so cruel, yet kind to so few You must prepare for your foes before they arrive on queue Before they crush you beneath their view”   I had no idea what he want

One Last Sip

One last sip of this spirit Would be enough to sink my spirit Is what I used to justify myself Taking another hit   Finding myself slipping under again As the pool of poison swirled around me Realizing that I was sinking again As I heard voices that cheered with glee   The world sank beneath my weight As the ground itself seemed to give underneath Twirling as the liquid itself Dragged me down to the depths beneath   Tingling, my body experiencing deprivation As my senses began to numb I allowed myself to sink even further Following my uncle’s rule of thumb   The effects beginning to take hold As my form slowly began fitting the mold Watching seemingly from a distance As my body began to turn cold   Escaping the world I was a part of And entering the realm of the spirits Meant to cleanse my soul and mind Weighed more than it brought its merits   Following my uncle’s rule of thumb I sank further than I could return from Drea