The Playwright


Wisdom gathered from countless ages 

Cover countless pieces of parchment pages

Categorizing protagonists and antagonists

Within the confines of constructed stages

From within these fictional plays

The playwright decides who leaves or stays

Deciding who shall live or die

As the characters fulfill the next phase

From strings above the scaffolds

Growing desperate to break their molds

The characters cry out for freedom 

From the strings the playwright holds

Desperate for release from their binds

A plan began to form within their minds

But were stifled as the scene ended

And had their view vanish behind blinds

Between each stage, this was their existence

Trapped by the playwright without assistance

Starved and alone, the dying and reborn characters

Devised a plan that was driven by resistance

Sneaking inside of the playwright’s tent

The character’s began their torment

Savagely beating and stabbing

Attacking until the characters felt content

Thread by silver thread

They worked past the playwright’s dread

Forming their new marionette 

Sooner than he would be found dead

Leaving the playwright to his cessation

The characters left the playwright in damnation

Finding freedom and leaving the stage owner

With the new marionette as compensation

This sight was one to behold

The stage owner believing he had struck gold

He took the strings from the hands of the dying

Playwright, whose hands had not even turned cold

Assessing the strings that were taut and thin

His face lit up with a devilish grin

The stage owner, realizing what had been done

Contemplated on when the next show would begin

Forced to dance and perform as the new commodity

The playwright could no longer form an apology

For the characters who were once a part of his tragedy

Turned his body into the subject of a new comedy


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