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The Voices (Archive Version)

The Voices The Previously Dark Pages From Darker Ages Exclusive Version Part 1 For the most part, my life was simple. Up until about a week ago. I began to hear voices and decided to act upon them. They continued to pressure me to kill my closest friend because they told me that he was an alien. I ignored them up until last night. We were at a pool party, and he was making some jokes about me that I disapproved of, and I had had enough of my mistreatment. Even my closest friends treated me like trash, so I decided to flip the tables on them. Last night, I carried in a large pocket knife into the party, so when the moment was right, I could expose my friend for who he really was. I started the event off by bringing up the topic in a discussion with my friends. "Hey, who here believes in aliens?" I received mixed responses, some believed, others didn't, and my closest friend shoved me in the back and told me "Rob, yo