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A Ripple In Time

*Inspired by a poem by a friend of mine*          The air around me feels faint.  The smell of freshly fallen rain on old cobblestone roads as the glistening walls of the nearby homes struggled to stay out of the shadows as the street lamps struggled to keep their flame.  It was a summer evening in London, only the air was thick and difficult to breathe in.  I looked around me as people passed by with their umbrellas.  Women, men, and yes, even the foolish blokes happened to be crossing the street.  This was just like home, only something about it was different and felt…wrong.  All of the people that passed me by were nothing but skin and bones and walked in silence, all except for one.  I was approached by a man who crossed the intersection.  He happened to look in my direction, tipped his hat, and say to me “G’ day, ma’am.”  After that brief cut through the air, the thickness returned, the sky growing darker, the clouds growing thicker, and my sight becoming bleaker through