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The Blindfolded Soul

There’s no easy way for me to say this, but right now, I’m on the run from an evil that my family thought was dead.   A spirit that laid dormant for decades has come alive and is both haunting and hunting me.   I made the mistake of waking it from its slumber, and now it wants to take revenge on my family for something that I didn’t do.   I’m only connected to the person who did the heinous act that killed her by blood.   I swear on my innocence that I had nothing to do with her death.   She is a product of decades past, but now she wants to take out her vengeance on me.   I kept trying to run, but no matter where I turn, she seems to find me.   I have to escape this house and never come back as long as I live. All of this started a few days ago when my family and I moved into a house that my mother inherited from my great grandfather.   He had just passed away and had left her his old country mansion in his will.   It was a plantation mansion that had p