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The Newcomer

The cracks in the visage as the paint chips The portrait that was painted crumbles with age The pages that tear after a single turn with a rip As they attempt to welcome the next stage I glimpse out of the window as I pay witness Horrors decompose with the wrinkles of decay I grimace as my eyes pay homage to the grimness As my eyes witness what is at play A horrifying figure looms in the distance Eyes like daggers that stare through the darkness The thick fog and trees hiding its appearance A grisly demeanor, its intent not seemingly harmless The absence of noises welcome newfound dread I succumb to the fear, companion of the dead Tremble as I may in horror of the figure after my head I know that it seeks for the spill of my blood, red Crumble as I may with age, I fear what is to come I tremble as the figure steps forward with a low hum Seeing the figure in full form, I quiver at my outcome My heart begins to pound deep w