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Three Sentence Short Stories Vol. 1

Three Sentence Short Stories Vol. I By Timothy Duran 1. No matter how much I tried to run from this monster, it always found a way to make it back. Now, it has the keys and won’t be letting me back in. I’m a guest, locked outside of my own mind, with no end in sight and no way back in.   2. The taste of fresh meat across the palette always satisfies demons such as me. It’s such a shame my prey aren’t clever enough to see through my ruse before it’s too late. Humans always make the best victims, for they never expect man’s best friend to be the one who seeks their head 3. Bones that melt like jelly always appeal to my better side.   When naughty children disobey the babysitter, they see my nastier side. Their parents should have told their kids where to hide. 4. The vapor of his breath as it turns to clouds in the freezer fills me with a sense of calm. It brings me joy to realize that my boyfriend won’t escape me again.   But, j