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I Have No Regrets

Human interaction can be boiled down to a number of things.   We have sex, we long for power, we strive to succeed, we strive to reproduce, we try to understand ourselves, we try to understand everything around us and fail miserably at understanding a fraction of it, and finally we prepare ourselves for death.   Those are some common aspects of what we might consider to be the “human experience”, we just so happen to complicate them all.   So why do I feel regret after killing someone?   This isn’t the first person I happened to kill.   Maybe it’s because they were someone I could consider a friend, a lover perhaps.   I know that they loved me, but I couldn’t tell them that I felt the same way.   Or maybe, it’s because they remind me of the one person I truly cared about.   It’s a shame she passed away, especially when I needed her guidance and her compassion the most.   I used to wonder what it would feel like to die, to finally cease existing, to truly feel dead.

Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal

I can’t seem to make sense of this piece.   I don’t know how or why this would have happened, but it did.   This is probably one of the darkest pieces of work I have ever had the displeasure of creating, and worse still is that I hardly remember everything.   Was my inspiration misguided?   Did the blood I saw inspire me to make this?   Was it the drugs I took last night before I finished it that caused it to turn out this way?   None of this I can answer with confidence, but I know three things are certain; my colleague and rival Jasper Pierce is dead, we both took acid together, and his blood is on both his and my hands.   I suppose there is no harm in explaining this to a diary, as this’ll probably be the last time I use it before I change my identity and bury this along with Jasper’s body.   I’m a 22-year-old starving artist living in southern Los Angeles.   I have lived in a small apartment most of my life, although this apartment I’m currently staying in is onl