Dying in Death Valley

Hopeless abandonment and torment
Never a short bout of peace, pain every waking moment
Regardless of how much I work towards atonement
I am stuck with my suffering as a form of payment

Trapped between a hard place in the past
A distant vortex forms, its winds moving fast
If I could just work myself free and make it past
The old landing, I may survive the wind blast

Trapped out here on the desert rock
A pool of blood forms near where carrion birds flock
Their eyes, hungry, starving, take stock
Of my appearance, as they wait for an attack from a hawk

Cowards, such beasts, have they no sense of aid
Or do they wait until death’s toll is paid
Life on the playa, bleached from the sun, shall fade
What I wouldn’t give to be stuck right now in a glade

Between a rock in a hard place
My face now face to face against this rock face
This trying expedition has pushed me every pace
I could use some help in my case

An expedition into the desert waste
As I searched for a specimen with haste
Now trapped amongst a mountain, the desert salty taste
A rain brought boulders and crushed my arm into a paste

My mistake was my own
Leaving me stuck out alone
Every shift of the boulder brings a groan
And every tear I let out with a moan

Chasing arthropods was my life quest
In my field I was consider the brightest, the best
What a fool I made of myself, saying, in jest
With good luck and fortune, I was not truly blessed

Cursed I remain here, sheltered slightly against the heat
The desert dust brings to me the bitter taste of defeat
Doing my research alone now feels bittersweet
As a young researcher, I should have stayed in my seat

The desert rains come once more, bringing with them life
Death valley stabs at my heart, slowly killing me like a knife
I just wish, through all of my strife
I made it back home yesterday to say “I love you” to my wife.


Filia Noctis said…
I love this poem like you thought I would. I claim this to be one that I will narrate as soon as possible

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