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Dying in Death Valley

Hopeless abandonment and torment Never a short bout of peace, pain every waking moment Regardless of how much I work towards atonement I am stuck with my suffering as a form of payment Trapped between a hard place in the past A distant vortex forms, its winds moving fast If I could just work myself free and make it past The old landing, I may survive the wind blast Trapped out here on the desert rock A pool of blood forms near where carrion birds flock Their eyes, hungry, starving, take stock Of my appearance, as they wait for an attack from a hawk Cowards, such beasts, have they no sense of aid Or do they wait until death’s toll is paid Life on the playa, bleached from the sun, shall fade What I wouldn’t give to be stuck right now in a glade Between a rock in a hard place My face now face to face against this rock face This trying expedition has pushed me every pace I could use some help in my case An expedition into the des