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Shut The Exit

Tenderness, both as a kiss between lips And a rap against the flesh I find my mind swarming with thoughts As to which form I could withstand the best How long can I withstand this standing ache As I peel back the layers that lie beneath What I try to acknowledge as myself As a noose decorates me like a wreath For this noose is not mine Nor is it something of my making My love, once held so dear You are the one, deeply in pleasure, taking Life, once pure and untainted My gasping breaths carry my essence Slowly drowned within yours I cannot seem to escape your presence Our glass, once holding great passions Has now turned a sour note I struggle to meet your fancies And gasp as I try to float The room in which we reside As I lay down, turning to my side I feel your touch, unable to hide As you grasp at me and I swallow my pride Sinking deeper into this pool of poison Feeling myself sinking deep I wonder if I had bee