The Blood Tree

The gnarled roots wind upwards towards the bark
The leaves of this tree glisten bright in the dark
Against the midnight sky, the light is quite stark
As it stains the landscape, each leaf leaving its mark

On this night, the blood tree exchanges its light
The moon mirrors its light, each other exchanging remarks
As the tree shines on throughout the night
And releases many shining sparks

Outward, the light from the tree, the branches reach
Almost desperately, they grasp at the light
The space around them being constantly under breach
As the tree reaches out to grasp at all space in sight

For light within the tree helps it to breed life
But light is not only for which it bides
This tree breeds life out of strife
Beneath the branches, a secret it hides

The roots of this tree descend deep
Deep into the soil is where they reside
With a far-reaching length and sweep
They seek blood, the light being a guide

For, where the light hides from sight
Creatures of the light seek their slumber
These lonesome creatures of the night
Are less deadly, even with many a number

The tree hunts in the night, hunting
The light of the day, to its senses, is blunting
Its great roots seek out its food, confronting
Its next victims, grasped by the roots the tree is punting

For, to produce the fruit of the tree
The tree must itself take a life
The blood it drains from a life that was once free
Through thorns that are sharper than any knife

It pierces the heart of a being that once slumbered
Its soul now shattered and drained 
The days of this being are now numbered
The tree consumes all that remains

From this life a fruit forms
From a fresh branch, new fruit and thorns are adorned 
The world around the tree transforms
To avoid the darkness of the blood tree, consider yourself warned


Mia Mina said…
I think, if you will allow, I would like to narrate this one. I don't know why, but it speaks to me. Can you tell me anything about what your mind set was when you wrote it?

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