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May I Die This Time

I don’t know how long I’ve been down here.   Days, weeks, months, minutes, the amount of time doesn’t matter.   What matters is that I’ve been down here much longer than I should have, and I need to get out of here, one way or another.   The problem is that I only have one way out and, for some reason, I keep coming back.   I can barely remember how I got down here.   Maybe I stumbled and fell down a hole?   Maybe I was kidnapped and held down here?   None of that matters either.   All that matters is what I can remember and all I can remember is him, that sick monster and his evil eyes that he hides behind a disgusting mask.   The mask is covered in old blood and is stained from a lot of use.   He always comes in with his old rusted blade and a spoon and does…horrible things to me.   I wish that I could find some hope of freedom.   I just want to breathe a breath of fresh air and be free!   Is that too much to ask?   But freedom will come in the form of a breath of f


A land once held sacred Is now left barren and forsaken For the lands, now left naked Have had their lifeblood taken The people I once knew No longer thrive here Instead, hatred and darkness grew And instilled in me both anger and fear For what cannot be replaced Was torn from these lands For the evil that the people faced Refused to give in to their demands Without fault and without surrender The skies wept out and cried They were treated as a violent offender Their voice strangled till it gave up and died For within the heart of man lies A terrible seed waiting to grow Waiting patiently to sow its ties Swallowing their hope, drowned in woes For the foes that they faced Had their hearts in the right place However, their intentions displaced Formed a mask that shielded their true face Beneath this guise, bloodshed they wrought Destruction all but lied in their wake As the darkness that they had brought Shook the Earth

The Montease

Ink as it soaks into my pen And drips down onto my page I count in my head to ten Hoping that I will finish the next stage Listening to the clock As the hour strikes ten I hear the night birds squawk And wonder when I will have to write again   As I scribble and write in pain These words onto this paper I feel my own life drain Like the soil beneath a caper The words soaking my life essence As they flow onto the page The phrases joining in coalescence As my entire self withers with age For if not another stage I shall need to continue next I shall need to write another page Of something even more complex With the flex of my wrist And the end of another statement I wince as my tendons twist And cry out and lament For I wish not I had chosen To take that man’s offer After removing seeds, in time, frozen From an old, wooden coffer “Take from me these seeds and plant them in your garden Remove the fruit when