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Hungry Smiles

            I can’t get his face out of my mind.   The glowing white eyes, the wide stare, and the huge smile with big teeth keep terrifying me in my dreams.   I told myself that I could handle a weekend alone and that mom and dad wouldn’t need to be here.   I told them that I was old enough to stay home alone for a weekend and that I would lock the doors and eat what was in the fridge.   I wish I had listened to my parents and had left the lights on.   I haven’t been scared like this in years.   I’m going to be turning 13 soon, so I shouldn’t be scared of stuff like this now, but I don’t know if what I saw is fake or if it’s real.   My nightmare is coming to life, and I don’t know what to do.             I started to have weird dreams a few nights ago.   I had a dream on Monday where I was in this big floating forest, where I was up in a tree and the trees themselves were high up in the sky.   I had been here before, but this time was different.   It was dark out b