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Death Doesn't Pay (2018 Version)

*Recording begins to play* I’m not the best person to take advice from, but this much is true, death doesn’t pay.   Some of you may consider a statement like this from a professional hitman to be odd, as killing people is my livelihood, but it’s true.   Death has more costs than one would expect it would.   People pay me to provide the death of someone else out of hatred, fear, a sense of danger, or a feeling of spite.   Others will pay me in order to regain a sense of security or relief.   The true monsters that I cater to pay for someone to be killed out of pleasure or pride.   Death always comes at a price to someone.   But, there is a hidden price when dealing in the business of death.   Just because one does not pay to die does not mean that there are not any costs in experiencing our final dance alongside the grim reaper.   In a way, I suppose you could call me a “real-life” reaper.   What I say now about there being a cost involved with death is true.             Norm