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Partake in Serin

Humanity as a species is weak Their life force tired and depleted Many hide their souls Knowing that this world has them defeated Many accept their fate, Leaving this world impotent Their lives worthless and short Embracing a death that is imminent But life does not have to be this way You do not have to remain insignificant The world is cruel and unforgiving And those too ignorant to its ways Will be doomed to falter and fade Having lost the battle for their Stake in this existence They wilt and wither Like a flower in the winter The cost of life is death And that cost must be paid You can sacrifice yourself or trade Loss and sacrifice mean Nothing in the end You can only rely on yourself Not your family or your friend No one will love you Simply for who you are To truly rise above the others You must become a star To have power in this world You must show power near and far No one will trust you If you do