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I Am Venenum

Sensations of sweet nectar The gorgeous and luscious layers Of the drug, as it drips, pours, Slides down your throat Its sensation stains your lips It begs for you to part them To allow it in, to allow it   To make a home within you,   Your very soul Is what it craves The sensation of freedom It always feels so fleeting to most The lackluster feeling of monotony, Of stress, debts, obligations, the past Slowly, they drain you of your resolve Consistency cannot be maintained And you falter, only to try and   Correct yourself, ashamed of your flaws Incapable of overcoming your burdens All people die, but few ever truly live Few ever find release from this cycle As those before us taught us Punishment is what comes to those Who are unable or unwilling to fulfill The obligations of those over them The oppressive weight of those above Weighs down upon the collective Further driving everyone into complacency Unsure of which di