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Michael's Deed (Formerly known as Volvox)

Day 1/ 4:37 P.M.:      Today I begin the project that I have codenamed Project Volvox and attempt to replicate the  results of the Russian military.   So far, their findings indicate that the substance found in a secret mission at Chernobyl is a radioactive protein gel that reacts to certain stimuli, and other experiments showed that the gel had a tendency to try to break free of its containment.   One of my colleagues who used to work for the Russian special forces was able to sneak me over some of the substance.   He told me this is the last time he wants to spend time in a Russian military base, something about wanting to avoid running into his old Spetznas comrades.   The Russians have had a terrible time attempting to contain the gel, always struggling to keep it from breaching containment.   However, I have come up with a method of containing the gel in a series of glass spheres that are all kept in a large container and are separated by padded boxes, this way, none

Dawn of The Fallen

My life...what could one make of my life?   Living each passing day out here amongst the trees is not exactly the life I would have chosen.   Yet, my circumstances will not allow me any other position.   Every day, I maintain my location, out amongst nature, soaking in the rays of the sun, basking in the heat, trying to forget the sorrow and fear I felt every time that night would fall.   For when the sun would set, the monsters of the night were unleashed.   The spirits of those long-forgotten would roam the land, searching out those who might be able to free them from their prison within the wilderness.   And those who come to this place will meet a similar fate. The latest tragedies happened just the night prior.   I remained in the thicket, as I always do and always have.   The night was slow to arrive, as it was in the midst of the summer.   The fires in the distance would be lit ablaze by the camp counselors who would run a summer camp for teenagers just up the hill a