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Nine Lives

Thinking long and hard about this doesn’t do me any good.   There’s nothing left that can help me.   I’ve exhausted all options, all of my resources, and have done everything to get it to stop, but it just won’t.   I can’t stop my never-ending, ceaseless, chronic suffering and pain.   There is no reason for me to suffer through this, none worth doing so anyway.   I don’t feel worthless or empty, nor do I fear that people won’t remember me.   In fact, I’d rather people forget me, forget who I was, and forget that I ever existed.   I don’t want to be remembered, not now, not ever.   The only thing in the world that I want to do is die.   And that’s why I’m here at this bridge, to end it all, to bring an end to this suffering. No one is here to stop me.   The road is empty.   No cars are coming, no cyclists are zooming by, no one lives within even a close proximity to where I am.   All there is is a nearby cave and the hundreds of feet below this bridge that make up my drop