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Tomb of The Dark Somnium

February 24 Our expedition began south of the Nile and a score away from the ancient pyramids of eons past.   Trekking along past several large dunes, we came to the site, having been alerted by one of the other nearby teams of its existence.   A few of the observations I made upon approaching the tomb were that, upon first glance, this was no ordinary tomb.   The first was that the tomb was hidden away from the surface, having been buried underneath a sand dune.   The second was that one of the other teams’ field agents found it by sinking below the sand as they sank towards the floor of the entrance.   And the third, yet most peculiar observation was that once the field agent made contact with the floor, he immediately fell unconscious and the rest of the team had to drag his limp body out from under the sand before he fully sank underneath.   Workers have unearthed the tomb from underneath the sand, but a few collapsed at the foot of the entrance for some rath

To Love (A Valentine's Day Poem)

Live, laugh, and love These were things I was taught since I was very young But every attempt at it made me wince And my head low I hung It always seemed to come easy to some And hard to others Every time I tried to find   Love, I felt loss, without friends or brothers To aid me or to guide me Loneliness always hung around, bind   And confine itself, never to let me free Until you came to me The one blossom Ready to bloom And shatter what was held in my bosom All of the doom and gloom Within you, I found a bit of myself And unlike in the past I found it without much help Everything seemed to move fast And love flew by us as well The emotions cascading like a waterfall Within us each moment came to a swell Bringing along with it a well Of enriching waters to cleanse And opened up a brand new lens By which to see, To think, to feel I would watch out memories over again Like they were a memory reel And finding more and