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Murdoch's Madness

*Artwork by Radojavor* As tears fall down from my face, I’m filled with anger and disgrace.   I will do anything to destroy this place and shatter its image like a porcelain vase.   That facility has no place in a modern society.   This structure that looms over me should not have existed, nor should the people within it ever have existed.   This entire expanse that I now walk away from should be burned to the ground and its rubble crushed to dust.   It deserves no more of my attention and no more of anyone else’s for that matter.   What that man, no.   What that thing did to me is unforgivable.   And someday, I will destroy the entire world if that is what it will take for me to destroy him. I allowed myself to be captured by him.   That I will never forget, nor forgive myself for.   I used to be some plain old “Joe Blow” who would go out drinking late at night.   Get off late from my shift working manual labor, and head down to the local city bars and drink.   On