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Why do you resent me? Was it something I said? Is it how I look? Or what I do? All I ask is an answer.   I remain humble in your response, Patient and waiting for you to Impart your reasons upon me But..I have yet to hear your reply So I ask why Why won’t you love me Like you used to? Why can’t we have the same love We used to have? What changed? Did I not love you enough? I spent every moment I could Did so much to help Spent every minute I could with you I showed my love every chance I could Or was I just not enough? Did I not do enough for you? Was what I did the least? Or did you just need more? I think you just wanted more I think you needed some more time   Time I tried to give you But no, you didn’t want that Nor did you need it Maybe I wasn’t enough then Maybe I wasn’t enough of a lover I didn’t show you how I was a fighter So now I’ll prove to you now   Just how much I am a killer No, no!

Introduction to Dark Pages From Darker Ages (PLEASE READ)

     Hello there!  Welcome to Dark Pages From Darker Ages!  This is a website dedicated to depicting unique horror and dark themes meant to thrill, excite, and horrify readers from around the world!  Here you will find many different stories and tales to excite, appal, and entice your senses.  The general rule on this website is for those only 13+ to view most of these stories, as some can be very graphic, involving heavy violence or other disturbing imagery and topics.  And on any story or poem that has a warning at the beginning of it, consider the story an 18+ viewing only story.  Those stories depict very mature and disturbing topics such as familial abuse in order to bring awareness to the horrors that some real families do endure and why we should take a stronger form of action against any form of abuse or violence amongst families and especially amongst children.  All of the stories on this website, for the most part, are fictional and are meant to depict horrific themes t

Pursuit Of Victory (Chapter Summaries 1 & 2)

     Hello everyone!  It has been quite some time since I did any form of a proper update post, but I wanted to share a few creative workings that I am currently working on.  I am in the process of writing my first ever novel titled "Pursuit of Victory".  I will be working on this for the next few weeks and will hopefully have it done and ready for you around mid-2018 to enjoy for yourself!  I will be making more posts and sharing more details on the book as the project unfolds.  I may livestream as well over on my YouTube channel and livestream the writing process live for everyone to see.  Here are the summaries of the first two chapters, which I will post soon on this website for you to enjoy.  I hope you are looking forward to this book as much as I am, and I look forward to bringing this to you in 2018. Chapter 1 - The New Lead Philip Newman and Mary Winstead are hot on a new lead in the ongoing case of “Jack The Ripper” when the new investigator that Mary pag