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Stitches and Thread

     Murder, it's the last thing that should be on the mind of someone my age.  Barely sixteen as of last month and I have yet to procure myself a proper job, nor have I found myself any means of earning a proper earning or keep for myself.  I tried my best to find a job here in the city, but I have yet to find one.  In a city bustling like a great machine, London shouldn't be so hard to find a job in.  Yet, I feel that soon will not matter.  I have made a grave error and likely will barely have enough time to write everything down.  My own fits of madness have driven me to the edge of insanity, and in my immoral fits, I took the life of someone I cared so deeply about.  It was a young lady by the name of Elizabeth.  She couldn't have been much older than I, yet it was I who cut her down in her prime.       About three weeks prior, I was heading down the street during the evening, doing some late evening scouring for jobs and delivering a package that an old family fri

Giggles For Jiggles

*I just want the record to show that this bizarre story was done as a dare.  I just felt the need to put that out there.  I hope you enjoy.* It’s been about a week since I escaped, and since I filed that police report.   I think I can finally put this whole experience to paper.   I’m not quite sure if I’ll post this online, but if I do, now you know.   I’m a student who just graduated college and am in the process of working towards earning my masters in psychology and was out one night celebrating my birthday with some friends.   We went out for some drinks and then decided to hit the club scene.   As I searched through the crowds for a girl to dance with, I came across someone who was a total catch.   From her head to her chest to her waist to her hips, she was a total hottie.   But, she seemed to have a quirk to her, something exciting shone through her eyes.   I knew I had to approach her. She was sweet on the surface, had a pleasant smile that beckoned company, but

Order and Chaos

Care, love, compassion Empathy, emotion, passion Liking, supporting, happiness, Joy, sympathy, help, aid What is considered good Could be summed up like that But what if I told you it didn’t matter? What if I told you none of that mattered? What if you waking up, going to work, Attending school, doing chores, Caring for family members, fighting for   Family and friends back home, Helping people you know and don’t, What if I told you it didn’t matter? Human nature and everything That comes with it, good and bad What do you think all of that Will ever amount to in your lifetime? Nothing matters in your world Save for an ancient battle Between Order and Chaos Make a wish, do you desire power? Do you want to never age? To be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? To have sex with anyone you desire? To take from others what you wanted? To gorge until you could no longer? To destroy everything that angered you? Or do you desire