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The Caregiver

I don’t know if anyone on here has ever had interactions with this woman, but I can’t seem to get her out of my mind.   This isn’t any ordinary woman, and no, I’m not referring to her like that because I am romantically interested in her.   She was a caregiver for me two decades ago when I was but a child, but since I last saw her, everything she had fell into decay.   She lived out on a ranch and lived in a ranch home and would care for me and a few other children while our parents were away.   She was an important person in my life and sometimes around Halloween I would see her come by my house with her grandchildren and they would ask for candy.   But I had not seen her in many years and was curious recently as to her whereabouts.   I decided to make the short fifteen-minute drive down to her estate from my house and went to go and see what became of that old house.   I saw a new color of paint had been painted over the exterior of the house and that there was a metal t

Heaven Is Worse Than Hell

*This story was written as a thought experiment.  This story is not meant to promote Satanism or any form of evil.* Heaven, the final destination for only the best of humanity and for the souls who served God, full of grandeurs, splendors, joy, and peace. That hopeful lie could not be further from the truth.   I have pitied mankind for millennia, but far too many of them are too foolish or defiant to believe me. I...I am what many of you would refer to as Satan, The Devil, the King of Hell, the prince of lies, these are all labels that God gave me. What many do not realize is that God himself is the greatest manipulator imaginable and that for millennia, mortals like you who are reading this are likely to ignore what I have to say. All that I can tell you before you likely turn away is that you are giving away your immortal soul to a being far worse than any version of me you have imagined in your mind. Heaven is worse than hell, and I was the first being to ever escape it.  

Siberian Freezer

      It has been quite some time since I visited my hunting cabin in Siberia, but after the last series of storms that swept through this remote wilderness, I knew I must return to the cabin to examine the damages.  The journey is never easy, but my old age has not helped make this journey any easier.  Seven days and seven nights was what it would take by foot, but thankfully, the roads were still clear on the path to the cabin.  I made my way up to Siberia and drove through the wilderness to the cabin.  Making my way through the trees as I would have in years past, something felt off.  The snow had fallen greatly this year, but the path to the cabin remained clear.  The trees nearby were almost clear of snow.  But most strange of all was the light I found coming from the cabin itself as I approached it.      I have never left any lights on at the cabin before, especially months between visits.  I must proceed with caution.  There is no telling what could have been done in my a

April's Last Supper

This is it, my last meal and an hour before I kick the bucket.  But, I'm not kicking the bucket out of my own free will.  I...murdered someone.  Well, killed and ate them to be specific, and I'm serving a sentence on death row.  I was having issues with my husband nearly a decade ago the day it all happened.  We had been having issues for years prior, but I had noticed something in me a few weeks prior that was changing.  The more and more I grew angry, the hungrier I got.  I continued to crave food and would binge eat, but over time, I started craving meatier snacks. I kept eating more meat out of the fridge.  Hot dogs, beef jerky, chicken, and other protein heavy meals, until I started to crave having my meat raw . I began to notice the changes I had been going through at that point.  My aggression kept causing my appetite to build, and I tried to stop it.  But, my husband was so abusive and I had nowhere else to direct it.  I kept consuming raw meat and craving its s

Please kill me

Please kill me Don't make it slow Please make it quick I just want all of this to end I can't take anymore of this Just my mere existence is agonizing Please kill me I'm tired of living I've done horrible things I'm a horrible person deep down And I deserve everything I have coming Just make it swift Please kill me Don't wait another minute Pull the trigger Drag the knife along my neck Lynch me from a noose Just do something already! Please kill me Why do you attempt To provide me mercy I've done horrible things I've seen horrible things People are dead because of me Please kill me A serial killer Deserves more mercy Than I do End me now And you'll be delivering justice Please kill me A bullet in my brain Will make the pain go away It really is that simple So why don't you do it? You have me and you have the gun. Please kill me I feel horrible Something is eating away inside Of my being, like a par

Channel Ether: The Lost Tapes (Complete Trilogy)

Part 1 I know you’re recording me.   I can see you beyond that one sided window.   You think that I can’t, but I can.   Your high class attire and suit jackets, sickening to see how much money we waste paying for you to dress up like high class businessmen, people who have earned their wealth, unlike you.   But, I’m wasting time.   I turned myself in today because I’m responsible for the deaths of 12 men and women.   You would imagine that I would be doing all of this as one big joke, one last hurrah before something like a wedding as a bit of a dare by a best man, but no.   I did it, and I regret nothing.   The problem is that there is a reason why I did it, and it is a motive you will want to hear out.   Believe me.   Once you hear what I am about to show you, you won’t be able to turn away, no matter how bad it gets. I am Hank Wesley, a recovering alcoholic and electrician.   I got out of rehab just over six months ago on good behavior, free of probation and comple