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A Choice (Non-horror Tale)

I had this dream once.   I was in walking through a grove, or what appeared to be a grove.   I walked along a path of damp, sweet grass and past looming trees.   The air around me felt cool, almost cold and the air felt almost as heavy as water.   I continued to walk along this path until I reached a pond.   In the center of the pond, I found a tree, an old oak tree had been growing in the center of the pond on top of a small piece of land.   Its roots extended deep into the water and beneath the water were small water bugs and natural rock formations that illuminated the scene underneath the liquid.   Above the water was a clearing of tall, arching trees that pointed to a beautiful and expansive sky, illuminated by millions of stars.   I walked around the clearing as numerous insects illuminated the air around the pond and small animals gathered as I took small steps around the pond.   I walked to the other end of the clearing and noticed a series of winding paths.   On

Freedom Day

Little things, little steps, little movements forward, those were the instructions I’ve been given by the doctor.   But why?   I can run, I can sing, I can dance, why does he hold me back?   I can walk on my own now, and mom told me I could go home with her soon.   So why am I stuck here?   My legs were tied down before, but now I can move them!   I can go and run free if I want to, right?   It hurts a bit to stand, but I can work through the pain if I want to.   That’s what dad always told me before he took me here.   I can leave my bed whenever I want.   So why am I held here?   My wrist is tied down and I can’t seem to move it.   My legs are restrained.   Why can’t I run free?   Maybe the white board in front of my bed will give me an answer.   There appear to be some words on it.   Maybe if I can squint hard enough, I can make out the words.   I can see them now!   The words say “Severe head trauma and a severe case of memory loss from a car crash.   The injury was susta

Family Matters

Family, it’s the one thing that matters the most to me now and was the entire reason I gave up my old life for some 9 to 5 desk job with the FBI rather than being an agent out in the field protecting the innocent.   It’s the only reason that I even wanted to keep living after I lost Matthew in that mission.   I saw the message come back to headquarters that he had died in a conflict gone bad and, as custom with our line of work, ended up dying and being buried without a trace.   I was already pregnant with our daughter, Wendy and had taken up a position working on Intel so that I could remain out of the field.   But after seeing that, I knew that Wendy and I deserved a better life.   So I filed the paperwork and moved to a small house in New England and took up an intelligence job with the FBI.   After a few years of living there, I enrolled Wendy in a prep school for students who were studying to be accepted into Ivy League schools.   She liked it there and made many friend