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Revenge For Tara

As a child, I ended up going through something that few kids should ever have to deal with at such an early point in their lives, but there was little that I could have done to prevent what happened.  But when I tried to shut out the past, it came back with a vengeance, and a taste for blood.  I lived in a small town with my parents in Nebraska.  There wasn’t much to do in our small town, and I spent most my time outside with my twin sister.  We would usually have fun out on the open grassland, playing about near a creek.  Our father would be out tending to the family farm and my mother was either working in town at one of the shops or at home sewing or finding things to keep her occupied.  My mother tended to worry too much, and we were only allowed to go to certain locations out past the house without her supervision.   And on the day that everything changed, everything that followed was my fault, and set in motion terrible things to come.   My sister and I went out to the ne