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The Damned Swamp Dweller

~Character List~ Narrator Mr. Boss (Joel) Johnny Victor (Vic) Sam Lisa Carl Jessie Mark Sheriff Narrator:  The legends of the Swamp Dweller of Louisiana go far back to the final days of the American Mob's golden years.  The business of crime and murder was never one that many would live to see a ripe old age.  No.  The crime business that the mob ran exploited the lives of good and bad people alike.  No one was safe from their rampage, not even the members of the mob themselves.  Rival gangs tried to fight for the same power the mob had but were never cruel or vile enough to clamber to the top.  The mob was a cruel organization that profited off of the lives and well-being of everyone, alive or dead.  That was until the day that one of the biggest mob bosses, one who had served under Al Capone and survived the fallout of the mob when he was arrested.  He had been around for many years, and had weathered many monsters in his violent past, but not one lik

Taste Of His Heart

     Love is tricky, to say the least.  You feel a large compassion towards someone for what feels like forever in the moment, but then that moment fades, and all you are left with an aching hole that that love once filled.  That's how I felt when my husband Nathan left me.  It wasn't that we never got along, no.  It was him who changed and not me.  He was no longer the man I fell in love with, and he made sure I knew that.  Oh!  I need to check the broth!  *sips*  Ah!  The brew is coming along nicely!  Now, where was I.... Ah, yes!  Nathan!       I fell in love with Nathan when I was a young girl.  I was fresh out of high school, and ready to head off to college.  I wanted to study and become a marketing specialist and sell my own line of clothing at the time.  *chuckles* Ah!  Such childish times!  I see now how naive I was in my ambitions, and in my relationship with him.  He was a very attractive young man at the time.  He always wore the finest clothes and had an ai