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A Demon In A Hard Place

This encounter happened back when I was in middle school.  I was inside of a locker room at the time and I and the rest of my class were changing out of our gym clothes and preparing to head home.  One of my classmates had been planning what he considered to be a "great prank" and schemed with another one of my classmates to summon a demon inside of the locker room.  I had heard of their plans a week before but had my doubts as to whether or not they would be able to summon a demon but had no idea how serious my classmate was about summoning this demon. I was rushing to finish getting dressed, so I entered one of the bathroom stalls so I could relieve myself and quickly change clothing inside of the stall.  My classmate entered the bathroom section of the locker room and pulled out a Necronomicon he had sneaked inside of the room.  He signaled over to his friend to shut off the lights and plunged the entire room into darkness.  I heard my classmate begin to shout

Will-o-Wisp of the West

This all happened back when I was in middle school and on vacation with my family in New Mexico.  I was with my family when this happened and witnessed this spirit with my cousin.  It was late at night out on the mountain road, and my family had decided to park at one of the rest stops on the mountain side.  My father and my uncle stopped off so that my mother and aunt could take pictures of the nearby city of El Paso at night.  My cousin and I were bored sitting at the rest stop and found out fairly quickly that there was a nearby trail we could walk on.  We gained the quick permission from both of our parents and were off down the trail.   We traveled down the dirt path quite a far distance, looking out towards the city as we continued down past the numerous bushes and cactus plants.  The weather was fair, with light winds and no interruptions from local wildlife.  It was the perfect night to go out for a quick hike.  But for my cousin and I, that all quickly change when

Channel Ether

He told me that you can't look away, no matter how bad it gets. Jason said that this channel, it takes you places.  I wanted to call him crazy or delusional, but just the look he got in his eyes told me that what he was telling me was true.  I wanted to believe otherwise, being the skeptic that I am, but there was a detail in his eyes and tone I was able to discern.  This channel he would watch on the weekends wasn’t any ordinary channel and that he wanted me to see for myself what was really going on.  I don’t watch much television to begin with, even though there’s a high definition television in the living room of my apartment.  I purchased a plan from my television provider that gave me the channels I wanted and nothing else.  I only watch a handful of shows on the weekends and everything is recorded beforehand, the same as my friend Jason’s television, which is rather weird since he’s skipped out on hanging out at the bar or elsewhere on the weekends.  I never see him af

Sometimes Bad People Just Can't Stop Doing What They Do Best

There’s no going back now.  No hiding the fact that I’m a horrible human.  I am the scum of the Earth, and no one should have to breathe the same air that I do.  But nothing is going to change what I’ve done now.  No one will forgive me, and those I’ve affected will not forget what I’ve done.  I kidnapped a young girl and murdered a young woman who cried and begged for her life over a live radio broadcast signal.  The only comfort I can take from these events is that I got to end her life quickly.  The death blow was brutal and nasty, but at least it was quick.  My employer told me that the gun was only meant to scare, and not to be used as the killing weapon.  No, the weapon I used was far more brutal and literally knocked the life out of that woman’s head.  Her name was Cassie, and I took the life from her eyes once that iron sledgehammer went straight through her frontal lobe.   I’ve spent most of my adult life as a hitman of sorts.  I was never called a hitman, just th

Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things

I’m a good person.  I tell myself this all the time, but right now, I have a hard time believing that.  I admit that I have guilty addictions and I’m still working on trying to cure myself, but I struggle sometimes.  I haven’t had the most steady of income, and being a single mother is a huge responsibility, one that often drains me and makes me exhausted by the time my day’s done.  I try to stay strong for my daughter, Cara, but I’ve slipped sometimes.  I would sometimes come home late and I would find myself reaching for the spoon and a lighter.  I try to make sure Cara doesn’t see me, but the last time I slipped, she caught me. “Mommy, what are you doing?  What’s that in your hand?” I couldn’t let my daughter see me smoke the rock that rested at the end of the spoon.  I felt more guilty for telling my daughter to turn away, but there was no hiding what I was about to do.  I hated letting my daughter see me like this, but she already saw the rock in my hand.  “Turn aw

Radio Station 97.1

Driving home from work always leaves me to wonder.  I always find myself looking up at the sky while I wait in rush hour traffic.  Will I be able to retire before 65?  Will I be able to finally commit to marrying my long term girlfriend, Cassie?  Will I ever be able to let go of my grief for my deceased parents?  Will I live a long life?  Will I live a better life than my parents lived?  I find myself diving into these deep topics and whenever I feel I need to break away from those worries, I always listen to 97.1, my favorite radio station.  They always play the best modern music.  They look for underground artists that nobody’s heard of and show their best samples when everything on the Top 40 has been exhausted through.  But now and again, they’ll play a song that I haven’t heard in quite awhile and will play it on the air.  It’s fun to let music cut through the mud that is my ordinary life.  I find it better to save myself the trouble of worrying about that simple stuff and t