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Bitter Winter

I tried to stop them I tried to stop them They told me what to do They said they wouldn't Hurt my family. But they betrayed me They betrayed their own boss He betrayed his own father. A simple job was all he had For me. Deliver the message To the doctor they said Release my family They told me Just finish the job and They would be safe. But the doctor, He was cruel and Rotten to the core. He was no longer A doctor, but was Now a psychopath. There was a problem. He started attacking me Telling me not to return Telling me to destroy The message before Murdoch arrived. But as soon as he spoke He stopped fighting, And asked for the message. After receiving the message He chuckled and told me to leave his room. It was too strange to approach such a doctor who was himself a patient In a mental institution, having broken down from a past tragedy. But he stood stern, And said he could Use the information. I had no idea What became of hi

Mctral Fields

I still don't believe it, 35 years after it all happened that one night out in the oil fields and I still don't know how or why he came to be.  My old friend Tom turned into one of the vilest things ever seen in the Mctral fields.  I suppose it was all from that old vat of petroleum Chuck was too lazy to chuck out.  I just don't understand why he turned.  There's a lot of things I don't understand about those old days, and talking only helps some to unravel a tad bit of the mystery.   Tom was my only friend out there in the fields.  We worked day in and day out, pumping the very life blood out of the Earth and processing it to be used in large smoke machines people call cars.  We liked to pretend that there was the world out there waiting for us once we left the fields, but it came clearer to us as the months went by that many of the workers who worked here never lived to an old enough age to travel.  Lifting could break your back, you could get poi

Crimson Kiss

       I truly did love you darling, and love you to death, I did.  But that isn't going to stop me from moving forward.  After all, you should have known that my love was more than alluring and deadly to all men who pursued it.  You were a detective, right?  All of these cocktails and wild nights tend to cloud a woman's mind.  Ah!  Maybe this detailed document you made of me might help jog my memory!  If talk of murder won't sober me up, then nothing will.  So let's take a walk down memory lane and see where everything took a twist.         Oh, it seems everything in here is lined in red.  Lists of names that were crossed out as you couldn't seem to bring up any leads.  Oh, it's such a shame too!  I would've loved to have met some of these gorgeous women myself so I'd have the pleasure of choking the life out of them myself.  *sigh* But that would have been too simple now, wouldn't it?  You were thorough in your search for me, I'll g

The Wailing

      This happened just over an hour ago, and I'm still unsure of what to do.  Normally, I just write and hear about crazy experiences like this, and am not the person who's actually had experiences with real-life monsters, but that all changed tonight.  I live in an apartment complex and take my laundry out to the main office to wash and dry it, and I usually do it late on Thursday nights, but I was terrified for my first time during a trip down there.  Nothing much scares me anymore.  I've seen it all.  Beheadings, tearing of flesh, brutal acts of violence and murder, people vanishing without a trace or witness, I've witnessed it all and none of that scares me.  But something tonight sent more than a chill down my spine.  For the first time in a long time, I don't know if I'll be safe, or if even the authorities can protect me.  I thought the sounds would have quit by now, but they haven't stopped.  I just need to stay calm...and talk about how this a

A Tale of Two Kings

*Artwork by Angellrae*      There were once two kings that warred against one another, both of them brothers born of the same father.  Their father died a tragically short death from poison by their mother, whom they both promptly had placed on trial and executed.  The two young men grew to see each other as bitter rivals.  And as such, they split their large kingdom in two. Both sides fought each other to prove who was the superior son.  Their father ruled a once powerful and unified kingdom, and they felt that the only way true peace could be established would be to war on until one brother had established dominion over the other.      Many years wore on, and the eras of both kingdoms changed.  Both sides grew more advanced in their uses of technology, often in means that meant the destruction of the other side.  The once prosperous and powerful empire had split into two warring kingdoms, nations divided by a sibling quarrel, one that grew so bitter it drove the soldiers who s

The Immortal Doll Shop of Stockholm

      I've been stuck here for as long as I can remember.  All that I remember of my past was that one fateful day while I was visiting Stockholm of having found this little shop.  I had arrived here with my mother to visit my grandparents for the winter, but my mother had sent me out on an errand because my grandfather fell ill.  She wanted me to fetch some fresh soup from the nearby market, and I agreed to go do so.  I made my way down the snowy alleyways towards the market.  I passed by many old homes on my way to the market when I came across a small shop sandwiched between two homes.      The shop itself looked brand new from the outside, but it didn't appear to be open as I gazed in through the window.  What caught my eye, however, wasn't the shop itself, but rather a wooden doll that had been placed right in front of the main shop window.  Many old shops in Stockholm would put new merchandise up in front of the shop window for people who passed by to see.  The