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Dogma, the Puppeteer

"London bridge is falling down,  falling down, falling down! London bridge is falling down, my fair lady!"   Oh, it's such a shame such a pretty face  such as yours was ruined in the brief quarrel we had.   I had promised master Gidnash that your pretty little head  would be ready for the day he arrived,  but I feel that there is too much work to be done.   I must fix the mold of your face,  I must make sure that every piece of you looks as perfect as the day you died.   From your silken dress,  to your glossy shoes,  to your curled hair,  to your beautiful face,  everything must be perfect for his arrival.   Who else to entertain our great lord Gidnash than you, my dear?  “Build it up with wood and clay wood and clay, wood and clay, Build it up with wood and clay, my fair lady!” Oh, but I’m afraid wood and clay will not work. It is far too heavy for wood to support.   “Wood and clay will wash away,

I Don't Go Outside Anymore

*Recording begins*       I don't go outside my home anymore.  You can call me a recluse or call me antisocial, but that isn't going to change my mind.  I've already locked myself in at night anyways, but never like this.  I'm a reporter for a local news station, so I'm used to seeing some strange people now and again, and I've had strange people visit my house before, but not like this.      It all started about a week ago when I had gone downstairs to grab myself a glass of water.  I began to notice something through my downstairs living room window as I was about to head upstairs.  My windows allow for a gaze out to both ends of my street.  My house remained in the center, so I was able to see both sides of the street.  I slowly made my way closer to the window to get a better look.  I was unnerved by what, or rather who I saw out of the window.  Down at the very ends of my street, I saw two men, both of them with their faces hidden, save for the shad

Gidnash's Inner Thoughts

    I have waited for millennia to feast upon mortal flesh, and now, I finally have my opportunity.  I often pondered what freedom amongst men would be like, but now, I can feel it just beyond the veil.  My time to reign above the surface of the Earth is nearly upon us, and I can sense it with every part of my being.  But I am not there just yet.  No! No!  I must wait for my loyal servants to bring to me Clarity before I can venture forth.  As much as I wish I could rip humans limb from limb, I must wait before I am fully tangible to venture into the real world.  But it will not be long now.      Oh, how long it has been since I last walked upon the Earth!  I have always loved claiming mortal lives before, but no other worlds have had such loud voices, such piercing screams, such violent and beautiful cries of terror than that of the humans of Earth.  Oh, how I long for the days when all you had were simple sticks and fire to play with.  Now, you've carved out the surface o

The Split Soul of Jeeps Creeps

     The legend of Jeeps Creeps is much darker than many will initially imagine.  With an innocent name such as Jeeps Creeps, most would initially perceive him to be the product of a young and wild imagination!  If that was true, then the lives of those who remember the cold, dark, and empty grasp of Jeeps Creeps would have nothing to say.  But the fact of the matter is that he will forever live on in a form much less than human.       The earliest information anyone knows of the man was his previous name of Jordan Pryce, a man who was known by many of his peers to be a rather peculiar individual.  He always believed in the occult and found a bit of solidarity in things that were a bit more than dark and strange.  He never bothered making attempts to be an active member of society and often retreated into introverted isolation within his home.  Very few know of his true profession as a young man, but many believed he worked down at a local library.  His mother was supportive of h