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Hedon, The Silent Ghoul

    The late night shadows of fall helped to mask their approach.   Cassie, Terrell, Mike, Sean, and Lisa had finally brought up enough courage to approach the old abandoned Massachusetts state mental institution.  It was well known around the state to be a place that was haunted since its abandonment, and the only reported case of murder there brought the entire place tumbling down.  Ever since then, rumors of the facility had been haunted were all that anyone knew or thought of the facility.  Masked by the darkness, they made their approach, both Mike and Lisa walking with camera in hand.  They had to record their experience if it was going to count.  Mike made sure his handgun still had the safety on as he went up the stairs.  He didn’t believe that he would need to use it, but he wanted to make sure that everyone was safe in the case of a rabid animal being in the building.  Sean lead the way up to the entrance, making sure to keep count of everyone.  Each year, money was

Falling Away From Me

      My own mind and body are like a prison, impossible to escape from, and forever bound to.  Even long after this building decayed, somehow I still remained.  I've always been here, and I've never been allowed to escape.  Living off of remaining wildlife and roots around the facility was never my choice, but was my body's decision.  Viewing outside is merely a glimpse into a forever dying world.       I am Mavis, well, I was.  I've been long forgotten by the world around me.  Ever since this facility closed in the early 80s, no one has come out to help.  I watched everything unfold the evening that changed everything.  One night during the regular rounds in the mental facility, there was a new doctor who had arrived with an untested drug that he wanted to use on human test subjects.  I had just been admitted to the facility a week before.  As much as I dreaded this day, I knew that the doctor had come for me.      I waited inside of my room, dreading for tha

The Heresies of Hedon

     Shh!  Be quiet child!  I have many things to tell you, but you must stay silent in this world if you wish to survive.  The world you knew is now gone.  There is no order to prevent chaos, but you no longer need that.  All you need to survive the horrors of this world are my words.  Such is the sweetness of the most delectable of confectionaries, life for you can be just the same.  All you must do is follow my commands for a life full of riches and splendor!         For many, I am what you may acknowledge as the voice of reason.  Well, I am only as reasonable as I can be to those who try to live a life without desire.  Desire is what drives every living thing, and we all have our own set desires.  These are not things that we can simply dismiss and often will drive us to perform unspeakable acts in the pursuit of quenching our desires.  Trying to ignore or deprive yourself of these desires only leads to an awful death or an empty and desolate life, void of any pleasure

Scarlet Sunlight

      "You are my sunshine!  My only sunshine!  You make me happy when skies are gray! You never know, dear, how much I love you.  Please don't take my sunshine away."      Mommy always sang this to me when I was younger.  It helped me to forget the things that Daddy did to Mommy and Johnny.  Daddy was always angry at our home.  He'd come home from work and start throwing things at mommy.  It got loud and I hid under the table every time Daddy would shout at Mommy until Johnny got Daddy to leave.   Johnny was Mommy's boyfriend but treated me like a princess.  I always got to play with the newest dolls, and he always took me to the carnival and drove me to school.  Johnny cared for me like he did Mommy, but Daddy was always mean to Mommy.         Daddy would come in the house and yell at Mommy.  He was always there, yelling at Mommy to "give me Tanya back."  I never wanted to go with Daddy, and he would try to fight with Mommy.  Johnny