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Kyro (Original Version)

Part 1 Melissa and Vincent were very close together as children, almost inseparable.  Ever since Melissa had moved in to the neighborhood, and she had started going to the same school that Vincent did, they simply got along more than anyone could have imagined.  Both of them having very different desires on what to do in life, this didn't stop them from being the closest friends, and no one else would be able to stop them either.  As children in elementary school, they stood up for each other.  No matter what stood in their way, they always showed the upmost strength in their friendship.  Their friendship seemed like an endless plain...with no beginning or end.             As they grew up in the small town of Derby, Kansas, they began to see more and more of the town that they called their home.  As they made their way through elementary into middle school, they began to encounter bullies, gossipers, and just obstacles in general.  However, they never let anything phas