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Deep Thought

        I feel that sometimes I get caught up in thought.  My friends always tell me that I put too much focus on what I do for others and tend to slip out of focus when it comes to my actual life.  I tend to focus too much on my research and classes than I do anything else.  I ended up breaking off my last relationship because I felt that my work was getting in the way, but I couldn't stop myself.  I'm too close to curing Alzheimer's disease now!  I can't just drop everything for one person.  Especially when that person might benefit from this discovery.  Those relationships are petty anyways!  Finding actual love is very rare, and everyone has, at least, one divorce in their lifetime.  Well...maybe not EVERYONE, but a lot of people do.  People in general just take up too much time.  I usually only have time to work with people and animals who are working just as hard as I am to cure this disease.  I feel like no one supports me well enough to let me work all the

Stay Calm! We've Only Just Begun! (Final Edit)

*Warning!  This is a story meant to insight horror and to entertain readers who enjoy stories of this type.  Any similarities to real life events in this story are coincidental and are not meant to be related.  The material written below will induce nightmares in some viewers.  For those who are for the faint of heart and are horrified easily, you have been warned. This should go without saying but, for the sake of argument, viewer discretion is advised.      Ok!  Ok!  *sigh* Take a deep breath man!  Deep breaths!  Don't lose your cool!  Mom and Darrell are always on you for freaking out about stuff like this.  Look!  It's just an interview with a mental institution.  You need this internship man!  Just relax.  *larger sigh*  That's better. These thoughts were all too similar to the feelings I experienced in my everyday life.   I'd like to believe that I'm a smart individual, I'm decent looking, I work hard at whatever I do, and I'm

Blood Bath

                        I was previously a soldier for the Russian special forces known as the Spetsnaz.  If you haven't heard of them, they are an elite group of soldiers for the Russian military that has the physical strength and talent to perform combat acrobatics and will fight to the death for their code of honor.  This was the same training that I went through, and I was actually one of the best in my squadron in hand to hand combat, and would fight to win.  I may have been a brutal fighter, but that was simply the type of training that prepared us for any type of situation.  We were the fighting force that Russia would use to take down the toughest of enemies.  But rather than talk about the experiences I witnessed in war, which I cannot mention here, I want to discuss a darker side of the training I experienced, and the training that all Spetsnaz soldiers who survive the experience.            I say survive, due to the mortality that is involved in the training

Netflix and Chilled (Spoof Story)

        "Ah!  What's taking that bitch so long?!"  Jason isn't quite the patient type when it comes to waiting on house guests.  He had invited over his coworker, Angela to come and participate in "Netflix and chill", the ridiculous 21st century way of saying "Do you wanna come over to watch a movie and have sex afterwards?"  Many people during this day and age don't seem to hold a grasp on decency or respect, this especially being directed at people like Jason.  Jason continued to flip through different movies under his "recommended list" on Netflix, growing more frustrated with every minute.  "What the fuck happened to Netflix and chill?!  I asked this bitch last night before I left work, and she said that she would think about coming over tonight.  Where the hell is she?"          Jason continued to flick through suggestions that flashed upon his television screen.  "And after all of that, this bitch sti