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What Do You See?

          What do you see?  I mean this statement metaphorically.  Or do I?  What do you believe that people see once their lives have reached their end?  Some fantastic light show, or a simple light, staring back at them from what seems like the end of a hallway or tunnel.  Does everything feel like it is slowly encompassing around you, leaving you to exist within a dark void?  Does time slow down, as you quickly watch everything around you vanish out of your line of sight? Do terms like "emptiness", "having nowhere to turn", "being inside the darkest and smallest room imaginable" feel plausible?  I've always wondered, ever since I was a very young child, what exactly do we see and experience when we die.  Do we end up standing before a divine being who dictates what foreign land we will exist in next?  Do we end up existing in a happy and peaceful place, or do we exist in a place full of torture, pain, and damnation?  Do our actions that