A Realm Kept In Mind

Heavy is the head of a mind plagued in avarice

Heavier is the heart of a man with heart most cavernous

Sturdy is the blade with which he wields

Sturdier than any defense provided by shields


This is the figure that my tormentor warned of

A boogeyman wielding death in an iron glove

My much less of a mentor warned of a day

Where living would be too much of a price to pay


My supposed grand protector

Served to be more of a haunting specter

The name Joseph Murdoch brought fear to my ear

As the name of my life’s new director


Direct as he was, I could never understand

Why my disagreement brought such reprimand

The screaming, the shouting, the beatings from his hand

As he tried to strengthen me for the training that he had planned


“You do not see what lies ahead of you

From a world so cruel, yet kind to so few

You must prepare for your foes before they arrive on queue

Before they crush you beneath their view”


I had no idea what he wanted from me

I asked why he wouldn’t set me free

He began to suck me into his realm

For there was so much more for me to see


The world became bleak beneath grey skies

The air vibrated with gunshots, screeches, and cries

He turned me towards a gun and lined me up with allies

Combat would determine who lives and who dies


I fought on for hours, as the bodies began to pile

As the fighting had ended, he turned to me with a smile

I asked why he demanded something of me so vile

He spoke to me, “My child, this is only your first trial”


I fought on until I finally came to a stand

Why should I fight in a foreign land?

Only to see how much I could withstand

I had enough and forced this being to kneel by the hand


“Your days are numbered, return to my mind”

Seeing how I, the stronger had won, he resigned

No matter which realm that I may next find

I am strong enough now to not be crushed and left behind


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