The Voices (Archive Version)

The Voices

The Previously Dark Pages From Darker Ages Exclusive Version

Part 1

For the most part, my life was simple. Up until about a week ago. I began to hear voices and decided to act upon them. They continued to pressure me to kill my closest friend because they told me that he was an alien. I ignored them up until last night. We were at a pool party, and he was making some jokes about me that I disapproved of, and I had had enough of my mistreatment. Even my closest friends treated me like trash, so I decided to flip the tables on them. Last night, I carried in a large pocket knife into the party, so when the moment was right, I could expose my friend for who he really was. I started the event off by bringing up the topic in a discussion with my friends. "Hey, who here believes in aliens?"

I received mixed responses, some believed, others didn't, and my closest friend shoved me in the back and told me "Rob, you dumbass! Nothing like that exists!" One of my other friends Emily tried to defend me.

"Come on Kyle, ease up on Rob! It's alright if he wants to ask a little question."

Kyle responded quite smugly, "Not when it involves interrupting my story."

This is the moment that I snapped. "Oh, really Kyle? Then why do you open up so easily you ALIEN?!" It was at this moment that I pulled out my knife and slashed Kyle's neck open. The voices in my head rejoiced.

The voices began giving me commands "Remove his head! Remove his head from his shoulders now! Show them all how he's an alien!"

Before Kyle could provide a response, I began to sever his head from his body, all the while everyone at the party was screaming and running
away. Within a few seconds, I had completely severed the head of Kyle and held it up proudly in front of me. The voices spoke again. "Good. Now you can devour his heart and obtain his deepest desires and emotions. From within his heart lies his power. After which you will devour his eyes and gain access to the windows that lie to his soul. You will consume his eyes to shut off the windows that his soul may escape from."

I complied, "I will do as you ask of me." I began to carve out the heart of Kyle and severed the arteries that kept it bound within his body. I took a large bite his heart. It tasted bitter, but it made me feel powerful. I continued to consume the heart until there was nothing left.

"Excellent! Now consume the eyes!"

I did as they told. I tore both eyes out of their sockets with my bare hands and placed them both in my mouth like the plumpest tomatoes and squished their warm juices in my mouth. They were bitter like the heart but had a hint of salt that made them taste better than the heart. It was then that I heard the police sirens, and began to hear the police gathering on the front porch of the house. I wanted to run but the voices stopped me. "NO! You cannot escape their clutches, not until the plan is complete." They were very mysterious about their plans. But I did feel and enjoy the power that it gave me from eating the alien I used to call Kyle. I complied once my nerves had calmed.

I sat down and placed the knife in my lap. I raised my hands to the night sky above, "I will do as you command, my masters."

The police arrived and apprehended me with what they referred to as a "compliant arrest". They drove me to the police station and placed me in a cell. The voices continued to speak to me, further illustrating their full plan of bringing down these feeble humans. They told me that I was immortal until proven otherwise. I'm still not sure what they meant by that, but I will comply with them as they wish. I waited in silence as the voices continued to reveal to me the truths of this world. I continued to listen to them until the day the officers forced me out of my cell and took me into what appeared to be a courtroom. I heard the voice of a judge and sat up straight to hear the judge, "Now! Mr. Rob Syversteen, you are being placed on trial for the murder and desecration of Kyle Dennings. Before we begin, do you promise to speak and tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you, God?" The voices told me to comply with them.

"I do, your honor."

"Very well." From here, the trial began and several representatives came forward to question me on what happened that night, and why I did what I did. The voices told me to tell them the truth and to explain the part of their plan that involved the death of Kyle. I began to explain to them the reason why I did so. I told them about the voices and how they commanded me to kill Kyle because he was a traitorous alien that wanted to kill me, and that the only way to assure his true death and surrender to me was to kill him and to consume his heart and eyes. I left the questioners in shock and in fear. The family asked me why I did this, and what kind of monster I was. I explained to them simply why I did what I did.

"I killed Kyle because he was not my friend. He was an alien who wanted to kill me, and now that I have killed him, I am a stronger human than the rest of you. The new world order is coming, and you will all either become a new part of it or die off."

The voices commended my responses as I sat in silence while the court came to a verdict. The decision was guilty on the count of

manslaughter, but they said it with the stipulation of having done so because of insanity. I had to object to their statement, "I object, your honor!"

The judge and everyone else in the courtroom were in shock, even my lawyer was in shock to the point that she couldn't stop me from saying my objection. The judge became curious, " I would like to hear your objection, Mr. Syversteen. Please continue."

"I saved everyone here from a terrible fate! I killed what you believed to be Kyle because he wasn't Kyle, and he wanted to kill the rest of you."

The judge slammed his gavel to silence me and the rest of the courtroom. "SILENCE! In the courtroom. The judgment as it stands will be ten years in a high-security mental institution for reform and evaluation. The voices told me to comply with the officers, and I walked calmly out of the courtroom with them. The voices drowned out the objections from Kyle's family and friends.

The officers immediately placed me in a truck and drove me straight to the institution. They placed me in a room and locked me in. I've been here for a week now, and I have occasional visits by my psychiatrist.
He often becomes frustrated because he believes that he's "not making any progress." I don't understand what he expects of me. The voices are here to protect me from all things, and they plan to make me ruler of this world. One step, at a time. I still see Kyle, or at least, Kyle's spirit, as he is now trapped with me. We play games sometimes, usually board games since the doctors believe that I'm "not sane enough" to play games with the other patients. I'm writing this now, because I am now scheduled to be placed into a sensory- deprivation room, in hopes of eliminating the voices from my head. The voices said for me to comply. The time spent with them will make me stronger. I feel confident about tomorrow. I will not be alone. The voices will have more time to guide me, and I'll have more time to talk to Kyle. The voices are all I have now, and I have no plans of letting go.

End of Part 1

Part 2
Hey! You're back to hear more of my story, eh? Well, let's take a bit of

a dive back into what happened over two months ago. As you can already tell, it's been about two months since I was placed in a mental institution after having murdered what everyone believed to be "Kyle". In truth, he was long gone, I had found his body in a creek two days before the party when I was on a hike in the wooded area behind my house. It was around that time when the voices began giving commands. I was unsure what to do, what to think, and the voices helped me to put all of my worries to rest. I had called out into the forest for someone to help me, and after many tears had been shed, and my body felt heavy like lead, I began to hear the voices in my head.
They were very calm and orderly. The instructed me to calm down and to listen to them. They knew what had happened was horrific, but there would be no good if I just stayed there in that forest with my now deceased friend. They told me that the death of my dear friend Kyle and the murder of his imposter would incite a new beginning. At first, I was skeptical of their wisdom, confused as to how Kyle would play a role in me inciting a new world order, and a new beginning. But, they quickly changed my mind as they showed me their true power. I saw the corpse of my recently deceased

friend vanish into dust and be swept away by the wind. The water that had turned crimson red from Kyle's blood had vanished. The wind lifted me up with a strong autumn breeze that formed leaves that lifted me up off of the ground. They spoke with fluency, and with concern for my well-being. "We're here to help you, Rob."

I asked them the infamous question, "Why would you help me?"

"Your friend was murdered by a psychopathic alien imposter. The real Kyle is dead and has been replaced by an aggressive, more unfriendly version of Kyle. This false version of Kyle has gained the trust of the Dennings's household, a very powerful political family. Kyle's father is the governor of Massachusetts, and as such, he would have a lot of political power coming from the governor's family, and this advantage would make it that much easier for him to be elected into executive power. From there, Kyle could begin to take measures to ensure his ultimate rule over Earth. The imposter wants to use his abilities to take over the world, and the only way to stop him is by exposing him as an alien through death."

"I don't quite understand. You're telling me that this imposter who's pretending to be Kyle is like some demon alien who wants to take over the world?"

"Exactly. And by killing him, you will gain his powers, and with our help, the world will be yours instead. To rule as you wish."

To any other person, this would have sounded like complete lunacy, but after what I just witnessed, they had convinced me. They had the power to make my biggest dreams come true, and as long as I listened to them, I would achieve anything I desired. All they asked was my complete devotion, and I gave it to them, heart, body, and soul.

Transition back to the week they had placed me in my sensory deprivation room, I began to have full conversations with the voices. Any question that I asked, they had the answer to.

"Why have humans never found peace?"-There will never be peace amongst humans, for their desire to have free will will clash with the idea of free will that someone else has.

"Are there really aliens among us?"- They are too far away from us physically, but some of them can send their distant spirits to us in the form of evil spirits, which humans may mistake as demons.

"Was the imposter I killed really an alien?"- He was an alien in the sense that he was not a part of this world. He was a demon in human form. He would have killed you if you hadn't killed him first.

I continued to ask them questions and waited patiently as I listened to their answers, even though I continued to have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was being used for some larger purpose, one that extended beyond me. I wasn't sure what that entailed, but I had a feeling that there would be a large cost besides my devotion for all of the power that they gave me. After about a week within the room, I decided that enough was enough. I wanted out. The voices instructed me on how to break free of my straight

jacket and then told me to wait until the assistants arrived. I waited until the regular assistants came to bring me my dinner, and the voices instructed me how to knock each one of them out. I did so with speed and agility. They directed me down the right hallways, through the proper exits, and I made it out of the facility, with little incident. Any normal person would have called it a miracle, but I give all of the credit to the voices.

I decided to go home, but when I came home, I found a horrific scene and someone that I didn't expect. I saw the walls splattered with blood. The house was covered in blood. It was almost as if the walls were covered in wet paint. I looked everywhere for my parents, but all that I found was their leftover skulls, placed next to each other, with two crossed bones right below them on the floor. I still don't know what happened to them, but I knew in that moment I had to escape what was in that house, less they kill me as well. I wasn't sure what to do, so I called the police in to let them know that someone had killed my parents. The police were puzzled by the crime scene, and even more puzzled of me calling them in after having escaped a high- security mental hospital. They decided to put me in custody again, as a prime suspect in their murder, but after two weeks that was ruled out. Prisoners

never really approached me, to show friendship or to try to take my food tray. They saw me as the next coming of the devil or something like that. The voices decided that this time, I was supposed to lie about no longer hearing their orders to the prosecutors, that way they would release me from my sentencing under good behavior and a sane mind.

During the prosecution, the voices told me to focus my mind on the judge and voice mentally the ruling that would let me go free. And just like that, the judge and jury ruled in my favor and I was free. I had fallen into a lighter form of depression, but the voices always kept me company. I was put up for adoption, and a family actually decided to adopt a 15-year-old. Not only that but they were a very wealthy and powerful family at that. I couldn't believe it. They took me in, with little recourse on their decision, and decided that they would enroll me in a private school for talented kids. I was still technically a freshman in high school, so I was able to be enrolled in. However, the rumors about my act upon the imposter version of Kyle quickly spread around the school. People would bully me, call me a cannibal, but in spite of all of this, I actually made a friend.

Her name was Kelly, and she was my class's representative. She told me it was her duty to welcome any new students, but in spite of it being her job to welcome me in, she was the only person who understood my struggle. Who understood that what I did didn't make me a bad person. After having lost my best friend, and my parents, I actually feel a stronger sense of confidence in myself. Maybe what the voices were talking about was true, and that I would be able to rule the world. I've been at this school for about a month, and I've begun to notice something rather strange. Certain students who were put in detention didn't ever come back to the school. No one saw them leave, and they never came back. No one knew what happened to them.

About two days ago, the voices told me to go and investigate the situation. Even after my new adopted parents told me to stay out of trouble, here was a problem that only I could solve. I decided to find a way to get myself into detention. Kelly insisted that I didn't, or she would never see me again. I reassured her that I would make it back and that I would settle this once and for all. I ended up in detention after having knocked down a stupid poster about how going on a road trip would be fun and running through the halls with it, screaming out "Poster Bail!" I was in the detention room for

several hours. I waited as all of the other students and staff had left. It was only me, and one of the history professors, Mr. Hardow. Hardow was always a creepy man, and many students feared getting sent to detention because they'd always deal with him. There were only two students who escaped his clutches, but the voices told me to walk straight into the mouth of the beast, so to speak. I saw the clock in the corner of the room hit 6 PM. And for the first time, I heard Mr. Hardow speak. "Mr. Vanderbilt-

"Um....sir it's Syversteen. Rob Syversteen."

He lifts up a document with what I assumed to be my name written on it. "Ah yes! That was my mistake. Your adoptive parents wrote down their name as your last name. But I see your original name now." I was a bit questioning of his motives, but the voices told me to prepare for the worst. I was in the den of the beast, and I wasn't about to escape so quickly. "I wanted to ask you a question before you leave tonight." I nodded to indicate that he was free to speak. "What is your opinion on Cannibalism?" He saw the shocked expression it left on my face. "I'm only asking because I had heard

about your case of insane manslaughter. You did eat your friend's heart did you?" I was hesitant to respond to him but the voices told me to answer him.

"Yes. I did."

"Oh! Splendid! Then I hope you understand the predicament you're in, and what I plan to do with you. Right?" I nodded to him. His grotesque face grinned with excitement. He stands up with excitement. "I've had many types of children. Black, Mexican, Asian, White, but I've never had a kid who has eaten another kid...." He opens a closet door within his classroom and piles of bones and leftover human meat, packaged into Ziplock baggies, tumbled out of the closet. "Ah! The true face of a cannibal! Unfazed by human remains falling out of a closet."
The voices began to give commands to me in my head.

"Continue with the conversation, and reach for the scissors in your backpack. Break them in half, and have the blade prepared for when Hardow is within arms reach."

"No sir. It doesn't faze me a bit. I'm curious as to why you would want to eat me, however."

"Your meat is a delicacy, my boy! The meat of another cannibal. " This is when Hardow moved his grotesque body close to the desk I was sitting in. "And I do not plan on letting this opportunity go to waste. He reached into his right pocket and pulled out a pocket knife, but he was too slow, I slashed directly at his neck, stunning him and making him tumble backward, I then stabbed both of his eyes to prevent him from seeing where I was going. I grabbed my backpack and flung myself out of the door of the classroom. I shut the door quickly behind me. Just like before, I called 911 and requested police assistance. Paramedics barely made it in time to save Hardow's life, and the human meat he had collected was confiscated. The police ruled my actions as an act of defense against an inhuman serial killer. The cannibal in my school's days were numbered, and I went to school the next day with everyone welcoming me with open arms. Saying I was the hero of the academy. I became a protector in their eyes, someone to look up to, someone who could lead with bravery.

The voices changed my life. I now have a loving adoptive family, a new school where everyone knows and accepts me, and I always have these powerful voices keeping me company. I'm thankful for everything that I have, and am looking forward to completing high school in the next few years. The voices have helped me so much. Their influence and power had gotten me this far, I'm curious as to where it will take me next.

End of Part 2

Part 3
You still want to hear more of my story, don't you? Well......a lot has

passed by since you heard from me. I'm now in my fourth year of college. I've decided that my major would be in social sciences and have just received my bachelor's degree. I'm aiming to earn a master's degree before I attempt to run for a political office. Yes, time really has changed me, and so have the voices. Allow me to put this all back into context. Three years ago, I had just graduated high school. Kelly and I had been a couple of nearly three years, and we both decided to go to the same university. We both had high moments and low moments together as a couple, but she always stood by my side, believing that what I had done in the past didn't make me a bad person.
I appreciated her sympathy, but I didn't need it. I didn't regret killing the impersonator of Kyle, or killing Mr. Hardow. Both of them were vile people who only wanted to see me dead, and by trusting in the voices, I survived both of their plans. My past may seem dark to anyone looking in, but I only want what's best. A lot of people just don't see the terrible corruption and pain that humans cause for one another, and that's why I need to be the one in power to help keep them in line.

Yes, I realize that it may seem hypocritical, coming from the person who killed a demonic imposter and ate part of him, but I had to. Besides, people don't know true justice like I do. If I had the power of a true leader like the President of the United States, I could really change the inequality and disparity that exists in the world. I would rid the world of murderers, rapists, child molesters, corrupt thieves, and corrupt politicians. I would work to make the world great again! I would bring about a new era of peace! That's why I've decided that once I've earned my doctorate in social sciences, I will run to be a representative of Congress, a senator, then I will put in new legislation that will allow me to be elected much before I turn 35, which is the current age requirement to be considered as a presidential candidate. There's a lot that I want to change, and the voices have helped me with that, but they've been acting strange lately. They've been giving me a lot more orders, some of which may help me in the long run when I try to run for political office, but they've been requesting some strange things. "Board up your apartment windows", "Lose ten pounds", "earn a concealed carry handgun license", these don't seem to add up, but I still trust them enough to listen. They changed my life for the better, and even though it was their plan to bring me to political office, I will be the one to carry through with my own

plans. It's my life after all. They said they would only help me if I gave them everything, but I can't just do that. It's my life, and I will do what benefits me the most....and others. I want to help....but they just get in the way sometimes.

I want to spend more time with Kelly, but the voices always demand me to do more meaningless tasks for them. I sometimes argue with them on what to do, but I rarely win. They usually end up convincing or forcing me to do some things that I don't want to do. Kelly has been growing more and more distant due to my lack of involvement, and there's little I can do about it. The reason that I can't reform our relationship is partly because she is now dead. Yes, I wanted to lead you on, thinking that there was possibly some hope for us, but there's not. She died a semester ago, during a violent and bloody shootout at our university. Allow me to explain.

During one of my classes last week, during which Kelly would always wait outside for me to finish my class, we began to hear shouting outside. A terrorist group, unaffiliated with any major group, claimed to work for the likes of terrorist organizations like the Islamic State. I was

terrified, and so were the rest of the people in the classroom when we began to hear automatic gunfire outside of the classroom in the hallways. A deep feeling of dread sank into my stomach as I ran out to the hallway, only to be left with a horror show of people laying dead on the floor. One of them being Kelly. I tried to pick her up, tried to wake her, tried to resuscitate her, but it was no use. Those assholes had killed her in the name of radical politics and pure violence. These guys were pure evil. They weren't a terrorist political movement. They were cold blooded killers. And I wasn't going to let them get away with their crimes. I saw a man struggling with one of the shooters to avoid being shot with the rifle, and that's when the voices began giving me combat commands. "Proceed to the side, away from the gunfire, get behind the shooter, and then choke him." I did as the voices told me and began choking the shooter. He dropped the gun, clutching at my arms to break free, but he was too late. I choked him to death and dropped him on the ground.

The man who was fighting him picked up the gun and handed it to me, after that, he ran without saying anything besides a simple "thank you." I didn't have time to think, I crept on through the hallways, rifle in my hand, listening to the voices. "There will be a man who will emerge to your right at

the end of the hallway, shoot him, then aim towards the left to shoot the other man who will rush in to try to kill you." I did as I was told and shot them both dead. "Grab their ammo magazines and proceed to the right exit. Be ready to shoot the three men that are guarding the entrance to the building." I proceeded forward to the main doors and opened them slowly, as to not scare them. Their leader was standing in front of the building and was delivering a speech about a new world order, one with chaos, where the likes of the Islamic State would have dominion over everyone else. He sounded like a supremacist and a fascist. I then heard it, the blood-curdling scream of a girl who was brutally decapitated by the leader. I heard the loud thump her dead body made on the cement. He continued on preaching and told everyone watching him that he had more men inside, holding hundreds of people hostage and that they would be unafraid to shoot them all. That's when I decided to make my move.

Without hesitation, I opened fire at the back of the heads of the three guards, killing them all instantly, then I put the gun up to the forehead of the leader who tried to turn around to slash me with his blade. I waved my finger. "Ah! Ah! Ah! No! No! You will be doing NO such thing today."

I saw the fear in his eyes, and the voices giggled with glee. "You should be dead! They killed off all of the students who weren't in the classrooms! You should be dead!" He raised his blade, and I poked his forehead with the hot end of the barrel.

"I was in the classroom at the time of your attack, and you killed my girlfriend. I don't have a heart for killers, especially when they kill people for no reason!" That is when I kicked him to the ground. "People like you do not deserve to live! The only reason you did what you did was to strike fear into anyone who wouldn't listen to your garbage, you fucking coward!" I hit him with the butt end of the rifle.

"Please! Please have mercy on me!'

It was then that I saw police, slowly approaching us, ready to arrest and detain the leader. The voices spoke to me again, "Give them the little insect. If they want to be the ones to squash him, let them put him underneath their boots. Death is too easy for people like him." I placed the

gun down on the ground and kicked the rifle over to one of the officer and placed my hands in the air. The officers came and picked up the leader and handcuffed him. They then proceeded to question me about what happened.
I filled them in on the shooting incident in the hallways, I told them about how I had already killed the three men inside who started the shooting, and that everyone else was safe. They went in to inspect and identify the bodies, and that's when the press began to flood in and ask me the same questions. The voices told me to answer them calmly and to give them what they wanted. I told them all about what happened inside and gave them my thoughts on the matter. Things like this shouldn't happen, yet they still do in this world. That's why I need to be in power. To bring more people like them to justice. The press slowly left after I had answered all of their questions. The police told me that I didn't need to testify against the leader, as they already had a confession and enough evidence to place him under the death penalty. The voices and I personally wished that he could be placed in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, but people consider that inhumane. People consider death to be more merciful than solitary confinement, yet so many people still fight the death penalty. It's an absurd concept in my mind, even though they're two different means of punishment.

But that's only another thing to add to my list of changes to make once I'm president.

I try my best to focus on my studies after all of that, that way I can go and run for political office. I've earned enough credit hours to earn my master's by the next semester, but I just couldn't get that day out of my head. It plagued me for a week. It still haunts me to think that Kelly was murdered in the name of insanity and politics. That might sound hypocritical coming from someone like me, but to me it made sense. I had a deep love for her that now was gone, taken from us, by those men. I would never forgive them, or anyone who planned on doing attacks like they did. It was hard reintegrating my new college life without Kelly, but I found myself quickly moving on and dating another girl. Her name is Avery, and she has fallen just as hard for me as I have for her. My life was a bit different after that day, but in a way it wasn't. I gained new recognition as the "slayer of terrorists" on campus, and Avery and I grew very close together. We've already discussed the idea of spending our lives together, and we both love the idea.

Professors on campus respect me more, and I'm already receiving a lot of praise from politicians who want to promote their campaigns. They told me that when my time comes, they would be ready to promote me as well. Moving on into another stage of my life seems difficult, but in a way, it's now a bit easier. The voices told me that they felt the bond that Kelly and I wouldn't last and that I was meant to be with someone else. They praised my devotion for Avery, and continued to bring me new commands, but they were commands that benefited both me and Avery. We moved in with each other two weeks ago, and we've been getting along so well. We have arguments every once in awhile, and we had a fight once, but the voices helped me to calmly resolve the issue with her. I trusted her so much that I revealed my secret about the voices to her on the third day of having moved in together. And instead of being freaked out over me hearing voices, she was so supportive and thought it was sweet that they wanted us to be together. My life was better than perfect and it motivated me to do more. This newfound motivation has given me the confidence I need to earn my master's degree and to eventually move on to my campaign after college. I've developed the confidence now where I don't need a doctorate to prove my intelligence, or to justify my motivators, and having that degree will only go to prove to people

more how much I am dedicated to making the world great again. To bring in a new era of peace for all of mankind. I will be merciless in office, and the voices will take me there.

End of Part 3

Part 4
You still haven't left haven't you? I would have thought by this time

you would have stopped pursuing my life and learning more about me. Well....I hate to tell you that I've made a terrible mistake, and I'm being given the last hours of my life to write this down. I realize that this is a drastic change from my usual update to my life, but I really don't have much time. I've made an error in my judgment, and now myself, and everyone around me are going to pay the price. Here.....let me break down everything that has happened since you were gone.

I'm in my second year of my first run as President of the United States of America. Yes, I know. It's a massive change from a soon to be doctorate, still having yet to graduate from college, and these stories that I write to document my life seem sporadic, almost like a random thought, are a big inconvenience to some. But it's my life, and I want to document it as I like. Or at long as I have my life. Let me dive into further detail.

It wasn't long after having graduated college that Avery and I married and I began my campaign to become a state senator. I had a landslide victory in

my senatorial election. I made some daring moves in the Senate to promote better education programs, ones that would let students learn what would benefit them in the "real world", which passed successfully in Congress. I also made policies that would help put more regulations on weaponry in states, making it a stricter process for people to obtain weapons, which also successfully passed. And I also made a bill that passed that allowed the legalization of marijuana as a controlled substance within the United States, just like alcohol and tobacco. I even passed an amendment to the law that restricted the age requirement for Presidential candidates from 35 to 25. I had just met the right age, just in time. I was pushing more hot button topics and defeating my opponents left and right, as they tried to fight like bastard dogs against my arguments, but the voices helped me make sure that I would win. There was one of my opponents who the voices helped me anger so much that he ended up having a seizure during mid-debate and he died shortly after. I know it's not a pleasant thing, but the voices told me that it was better that he was out of the way. He had plans for running for the Republican nomination during the Presidential election that was coming up.

I was a Democrat, but he was the kind of Republican that the most radical and forceful of Republican voters would support. I was a controlled

opposite. The only reason I stood on the Democrats’ side is because I needed the support of a major party, and with the Republican candidate out of the picture, victory was at my doorstep.

The voices had helped me to cultivate an image as a new age of Independent Democrat, which reminds many people much of another famous Democrat who fought for rather independent ideologies. I wanted to fight for the most pressing issues that were on the table. America's economy was stable, but it would only remain so if I could get the radical people off of my back. This is around the time where I started my campaign. I was prolific in every speech I made. Every point I made to point out inaccuracies, problems that needed to be addressed, and new policies that would benefit not only America but the world as well brought me great praise.

Avery was such a supportive wife, always at my side, and pushing me towards the White House. It came down to the final debate between me and the Republican nominee, already having won the Democratic nomination by a landslide. During one of our last debates, I had cornered the issues presented by the Republican nominee to the point where he couldn't help but

agree with what I was saying and growing more and more frustrated until he surrendered the debate. I won the presidential office, my 64% to the Republican’s 33%. I had achieved my life goal. To become the President of the most powerful country in the world and at such a young age. People were able to overlook my dark past and see a bright and just future for us all to live in, that was, until about two months ago.

The voices had been more quiet than usual while I was in office, occasionally making recommendations on which policies or actions should be taken. Their stronger absence was a bit concerning to me. That was, until a terrorist attack in San Diego, California rocked the nation, as 208 people were killed in a mass shooting that went across the city. Violence within America was up, and people were ready to fight again. Terrorism was at an all-time low, and an attack like this was committed? There was something missing. Something that I had to do. This is when the voices spoke to me.

"The violence in your nation is only growing. You need to develop a way to stop this madness now! This nation is under your control, and your people support you. Make a movement to track down all terrorist groups and murder

them and their families. Leave no stone unturned. Then, declare a war on all radical nations in the Middle East who regularly support the actions carried out by the extremists. Force them out and annihilate them. With them out of the way, we can begin establishing our control over the areas.”

Their plan sounded like pure madness. Conducting a war against several nations in an area of the world that is very volatile, where some even have actively maintained nuclear weapons! However, Congress showed a higher amount of support in conducting a war against the nations of the Middle East, as well as terrorist organizations located in those areas. With almost little logical sense, or true reasoning besides pure rage and a thirst for vengeance, we launched a war against the powerful nations of the Middle East. Nations like Iran and Afghanistan received a massive amount of fatalities during the war, but for every major nation that was affected, so were American troops. After each failed attempt of the forces to defeat each national government in the area, the populous of America back home grew more and more restless. The nation was in complete chaos, and demanded for my impeachment.

I wasn't sure what to do. I was panicking. There hadn't been this many American deaths since the Vietnam war. I had thought this new step forward would be good for my nation, but it left me only with numerous failures. I was in my darkest moment. The world saw me as an absolute lunatic. I couldn't take the pressure. During the writing time I set a side for one of my letters to the United Nations, I heard the proposition from the voices, one that I will never forgive myself for taking.

"You are not fit for this office. You have abused your power and have created a doomsday event that occurs yearly within your country. You are evil incarnate, and you must be punished."

"Why did I ever listen to you?!"

"Because we wanted what was best for you. It was you who became power hungry and tried to use us for your personal gain as if we haven't done enough for you already."

"What have you done to help me? Huh! What have you done to help me?!!"

I threw my papers off of my desk in a fit of rage.

"We can fix this. It was our plan to repair this nation, and we can still help. The only problem is, you're getting in the way. The only way you will be able to fix your mistake will be to surrender yourself to us. Mind, body, and soul will belong to us."

I found a contract that I kept that served to grant immunity to other people, a presidential pardon if you will. I quickly scratched out the important parts and began to write in the sentence "I hereby surrender my mind, body, and soul in exchange for the restoration of America."

The voices spoke again, "Excellent. All that is left is to sign, and to say goodbye to your wife and loved ones before midnight, and we will fulfill our promise for you." In that moment of haste, I felt a sickening thought enter my head: what if these voices had planned all along to take my soul

and have the world to themselves? I was frustrated and desperate to solve the issue at hand. There was a movement across the Internet to have me impeached on the grounds of crimes against humanity. I had no other choice. I signed the document and the document crumbled to dust.

The voices now grew more sinister and distorted "Fantastic! Thank you for surrendering yourself to us." I began to panic. The voices started to sound less human, and more demonic.

"What are you?" I said with a deep sense of dread in my voice.

"We are a collective of dark thoughts, emotions, and motives, known to the human world by the name of Legion. We are called Legion, for we are many, and we thank you so much for surrendering your soul to us. We are very excited for you to join us soon amongst the damned and suffering!"

I fell back against my desk as I saw a horrifying figure emerge in front of me. The image was of a man in a dark suit, all of his clothing being the color of pure darkness. His face was a collection of moving small faces

that swirled in what appeared to be a liquid. Tiny screams could be heard as the spirits flowed across his head. "We are a collective of humanity's most powerful and darkest desires, and we have manifested ourselves into the form of a demonic entity. We are as powerful as Lucifer and Satan, due to our desire to help humans. We help as many as we can, guiding them to success in their lives, and when they fall upon calamity, we take them as our own.

We twist and induce pain in the souls we capture, and we are very successful. Only one man has ever escaped our clutches, but we were given an exchange of pigs, for which we killed them all. You see? We only want human souls, for we hunger for the deepest and most powerful spirits that this world has to offer. Satan craves destruction, and Lucifer craves knowledge. We crave human emotion. We are very excited to have you join us, Rob. Prepare yourself for tonight." And with that, the figure vanished.

I am writing this last part of my story down so that people can know about everything that lead up to this point. I want to make this clear, I am not insane. I can see how someone might deduce that having read my life up to this point, but I'm not. I was tricked by a powerful demon, one who will not be very kind to me after tonight. If you ever begin to hear voices, regardless

of whether or not you think you're crazy, seek help. You never know if what you're hearing may be just the voices in your head or something much worse. Don't give in to the voices, because once you do, they will never let you go.

End of Part 4


We’ve been enjoying Rob’s body for awhile from a distance, but now that we are in control of not only him, but of the entire United States, we can continue our reign over everyone as the new ruler of the human race. Ancient texts have tried to predict the end of the world, but they’re all wrong. We would never want to END the world. NO! Demons love to watch the suffering and pain of humans. Some, more than others. We love witnessing the darkest moments in human history and feed off of human emotion. And we are ALWAYS hungry.

Our hunger for human emotions is what has driven us to help and guide humans for centuries. We love to witness the pain of humans, and any humans we are able to convince to join us make us grow much, much stronger. Rob was not a fool. He was a strong human, but not strong enough to win against us. We gave him every opportunity to have us leave him forever, but he was too naive to listen to his reasoning, and couldn't resist our power. He saw in us how much power we wield and he wanted it for himself. What he didn't realize is that we are an army of souls with an enormous a mount of power, and we always get what we want.

Kicking out Congress will be just our first step towards world domination. The world is full of chaos, and when people are at their darkest moments, they look for the first voice to speak up and offer a solution. Once the rest of the world is at our feet, we will be able to continue our feast on to the far outstretches of the world. The entire world will be our dinner plate, and any dark emotions will be on the menu. The only question left to ask is this...

Care to join us?


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