Pain, purgatory, penance, for a pension
To ease the worry and strife of those
Plagued by many a transgression
Both your allies and your foes

Plagued by the convention of peace
Torn to threads by the remnants of war
Eras of bloodlines to arise and then cease
As the prophets proclaim of the forbidden whore

Lust swallows and consumes the masses
Sexuality and sensuality become blind attachments
As the pleasure rises, life begins to burn to ashes
Leaving nothing but ripped flesh and broken fragments

Greed consumes not the flesh, but the heart
Both in the soul of man, as seas of blood part
The taste of money tinged with a metallic tart
As the coldness of it buries life before it can start

Sloth paints a picture of peace and slumber
As the winds of the night carry your soul away
But when one stays forever, they become a number
One of many, who’s lack of action has a price to pay

Wrath that tears apart families and societies
Is often accompanied by the highest of impropriety
As the heart and soul harden, consuming the diocese
Destroying the temples with a harsh sobriety

Gluttony as the herd consumes more than it needs
Tainted by the darkness as it takes root through the seeds
Of damnation, calloused the darkness breeds
Until the damned are what the darkness feasts upon and feeds

Pride of those unwilling to accept the collapse
Societal ashes blanketing the skies
Those who are unwilling to accept society’s lapse
Shall be left alone with the echoes of lost cries

Pain, purgatory, penance for a pension
To confide within the souls that remain without mention
As the last strings of humanity tear beneath the tension
Sin swallows all who do not repent and ask for ascension

The intention of the Father was to save
His judgment is not lax, but pensive
But understood the pain that would follow
As His creation sought out the presence of the obscene, the offensive

Tainted by the juice of the forbidden fruit
Snatched from the grasp of love at first hand
Darkness as it faced off in the greatest dispute
While the prophecy had already been planned

Sin consumed all who are not well acquainted
The end of everything shall be sooner to come
Without the blessing of the Father, their souls remain tainted
And their cries will be crushed under thumb with a hum


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