Last Kiss Goodbye

The clash of bitter rivals, both guns blaring
With misty eyes, confronting each other staring
Into the bleak mist, gazing at the past they left behind
As they made mistakes too numerous to take in kind

They were once partners, lovers even
As they partook of the fruit of Eden
Their world crumbled around them
As the Father could do nothing but condemn

The actions of the many influence the few
As the bullets could never seem to stay true
True to course, true to one another, true
Until both of them were truly through

Through with the world they left to die
The many depraved with no tears left to cry
As the destruction of their home leaves them empty
Making the conflict of the partners seem petty

In tandem, they confront one another
Reaching across the aisle, from sister to brother
Their conflict had been left behind in a bloody mesh
The conflict being fueled by more than mere flesh

The two once-lovers warred for years
As the many were torn from their homes in tears
Pain unlike anything that was ever experienced
Was something that both of them now fully sensed

Their conflict had to end, but it could not end quietly
As the conflict between the two never ended silently
It would only silence itself momentarily, seeking privacy
As both planned to attack one another spitefully

Amounting to nothing less than the battle for a world
That no longer wanted them, the path unfurled
A fountain from which both connected through thirst
Would be the meeting place where one would kill first

A sly seductress against a ruthless soldier, with no release
But the release from a bullet could cause the heart to cease
Both stood at the fountain, their pain, anger, and fear a mirror
Where each paid witness to the attempt to pull the trigger

The sound of gunfire, the impact of lead, the smell of burning flesh
Both tears and blood falling, as the conflict they had would end fresh
Fresh in their minds, as they made an attempt on a once-beloved ally
As they drove the final bullet into one another as a last kiss goodbye


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