L.O.V.E. (Valentine's Day Poem)

Love is like a rhythm of the heart
Pitter patter, beating like a drum
Pacing back and forth with a low hum
As it begins to flutter some

The soul craves attention, mischief,
Bliss, bliss from another soul
One that, once gone, will be truly missed
Companionship that is not remiss

A bond that bridges horizons
Tender touches that calm seas
Intimacy only found in dreams
Falling into love with ease

Faith, a question of someone’s trust
With the word more defining
And more powerful than lust
With kindness that is humble and just

Trembling underneath the surface
As feelings untouched begin to emerge
Feeling the ocean waves crash
As the waters begin to surge

A sharpness like fresh mint leaves
A subtle warmth that reminds you of the earth
The ground that summons forth life
Another life emerging through birth

A kiss that could shatter stone
A hug that could heal the sick
A rose that emerges after brutal winter
Love that no illusion could trick

This is what true love feels like
The surge of a sea of contradictions
That, within the heart, make sense
Despite the encounters feeling like fiction

A dream worth taking the lead
One that you feel that you do not deserve
Is exactly the kind that you are worth
And is what even you need

Love that can heal broken hearts
Openness to share each other’s hopes and dreams
Volumes of stories to tell each other
Ending just in time for the next story to start


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