Three Sentence Short Stories Vol. 1

Three Sentence Short Stories Vol. I

By Timothy Duran

1. No matter how much I tried to run from this monster, it always found a way to make it back. Now, it has the keys and won’t be letting me back in. I’m a guest, locked outside of my own mind, with no end in sight and no way back in. 

2. The taste of fresh meat across the palette always satisfies demons such as me. It’s such a shame my prey aren’t clever enough to see through my ruse before it’s too late. Humans always make the best victims, for they never expect man’s best friend to be the one who seeks their head

3. Bones that melt like jelly always appeal to my better side.  When naughty children disobey the babysitter, they see my nastier side. Their parents should have told their kids where to hide.

4. The vapor of his breath as it turns to clouds in the freezer fills me with a sense of calm. It brings me joy to realize that my boyfriend won’t escape me again.  But, just in case he needs a reminder, an icy cold grip and a steely blade will make my intentions quite clear. 

5. His body fell to the floor like ash, for he would not repent to me for his past. No amount of cash would keep me from holding steadfast.  At least his remains will add to my ingredient stash, so long as they last. 

6. I quiver by the light with a sheet of pen and paper. The monster I created has come to life from my handwritten caper.  If only I had thought to first savor on a savior. 

7. I find myself looking bleakly through the mist. I’ve been chased down by a serial killer for hours, him shouting that I won’t be missed.  I feel terrified for my life because, deep down, I know he’s right. 

8. Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a sadistic glutton. My, how the tides could turn if I just pressed a button. Wait, did I just press that one all of a sudden?

9. I crammed everything I could under the floorboards.  I was hoping they would think that I ran the store. The only problem is that I forgot to mop the floor.

10. Morbid curiosity got the better of me.  I thought summoning a being from the Necronomicon would do nothing but scare some of my friends.  Now my friends are part of the pages of the Necronomicon and I will soon end up joining them.  

11. I thought my baby was calling to me over the baby receiver I placed in her crib.  I went to check on the baby but found she had disappeared.  In her crib was a creature that blinked at me with two soulless eyes and kept calling for a mama that wasn’t me.  

12. I wish she had listened to me.  I tried to warn her about him with my calls and my shouting, but nothing could get her off of him.  I wish she lived long enough to learn how to listen to her cat.  

13. I wish I knew how to get these tapes to stop disintegrating, but like me, we both will disintegrate.  I just wish that I had more time to myself before I kick the bucket.  For, once these tapes finally break, they’ll strangle and kill me.

14. I wondered what it would be like to die, so I went to a sensory deprivation chamber. The only problem is that I got locked in and can’t get out. Worse still is that, after spending hours alone in the dark, I learned that I’m not alone in here. 

15. I thought that my offering to my grandfather this year would calm his fury, but it did no good. I should have known that it would not be enough. I just wish a bit of his own heart I carved out just for him would have been a good enough apology for me eating him.

16. Eviscerated corpses line the halls, intestines dangling as they cook in the heat. Wicked people left to die, as they march to their death with their feet forming a beat. In hell’s domain, a psych ward full of people becomes a locker full of unrecognizable meat. 

17. Vivid textures fill my heart with joy and provide my face with a rich grin.  I love it when gruesome bets are easy to win. Now, I get to wear all of these little boys’ lovely skins! 

18. Blindfold yourself and crack open their heads like a coconut he said. It would be easy he said. I just wish I had known it was my children my boss wanted dead. 

19. It’s all fun and games until the monsters you summon to scare your friends come out to play. When they kill your friends and leave scars on you, you know that they’re here to stay. By the time they find you, you better pray you live long enough not to become their prey.

20. They say it’s easy to become the leader of a cult. All you need to do is come up with a doctrine and a figurehead or something to fixate everyone on long enough to make yourself important enough to the group to be valued as a leader. It’s also unfortunate that you’re the one who’s head is most likely to come off when they demand a sacrifice. 

21. I tried to create a code that would be able to replicate human consciousness and managed to find success.  There are just two problems, the first one being that this program is not very fond of humanity and has decided that humanity should be eradicated.  The second problem is that my program can create conscious beings like itself and is no longer alone.

22. I believe I cracked the code to immortality.  I created a code that people can transfer their consciousness into and have transferred myself to it.  There’s just one problem; I’m the only one who has access to the code and am stuck on a flash drive, with no one nearby who can connect me to something that can set me free.

23. You know, being eaten alive is usually not so bad.  Most animals go for the throat and will make your death easier.  I just wish that I was fortunate enough to not be strapped to an operating table and being eaten alive from the groin first by a noisy eater.

24.  Believing in something means that you will inherently find a way to put energy out into the world.  That’s why I try to put out some energy that leads to something exciting happening.  If only I had thought ahead to the possibility of creating monsters that wanted to kill me.

25.  I spent years fighting a war against the demons that had taken over our world.  Right as I thought the war was over, they struck me directly at home.  When I arrived home to my family, I had discovered that my daughter had become one of them.

26.  I’m in hiding right now for a very good reason. I had thought everyone else was gone after the bombs dropped, but the record player in this house was turned on by someone. Worse still is the fact that I can hear the music coming closer. 

27.  District seven just announced a detainment of several cars from the neighboring region of Uzbekistan. The problem I have with it is that I heard my family was on their way home from Uzbekistan and was crossing the border. I fear for their safety after hearing that a bomb was reported to be amongst one of the cars. 

28.  War has ravaged the world once more.  I just wish the enemy we were fighting was one I didn’t recognize.  My best friend was called home to fight the war, and my country just declared war on his. 

29.  Aibon has just announced that they have a new technology that allows you to live your life through artificial intelligence and robots. I’ve come to realize that getting one for myself might have been a mistake. It’s been days that I’ve been trapped within the remote console and can’t get out. 

30.  My best friend said this would be an easy job and that it would be easy cash.  I can’t believe I was betrayed like this. I just killed my own mother for her organs. 


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