Monster In My Mind

*Artwork By Jesse Draxler*

Ashes as they fall all around me
Concrete punching my bare naked feet
Flames consume the air around me
The pressure tenderizing me like meat

Running from the monster I have become
I swallow the taste of defeat
I race away as my feet become numb
As I fear that our eyes shall meet

The skyscrapers scrape away at the day
I race onwards, hastening my heartbeat
As I see the sky begin to fade away
And the air grows thick like concrete

The air swallows me like the inside of a whale
I fear living without breath for several days
My skin glows white as it begins to turn pale
And squint my eyes to avoid its gaze

Beyond the horizon the air turns to haze
I turn my back to avoid the bright blaze
I continue to press on, imagining praise
As I continue to traverse this impossible maze

Fearing the oncoming weight
Will come crashing down
And crash into me like a wave
As I feel myself beginning to drown

Losing sight of my direction
As the road in front of me grows dark
I try to hide, seeking protection
Before the monster can make its mark

I find that it is too late
For me to claim a win
The monster has claimed this house
And I am the guest now begging to be let in

It consumes my life, my essence, well-being
As I feel my senses start to drain, fleeting
One would assume death to be freeing
But I still see no point in assuming it has meaning

Losing to the monster that I had created
Was only a symptom of what had been done
Destruction and chaos of this world consumed me
And our journey has only just begun.


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