A land once held sacred
Is now left barren and forsaken
For the lands, now left naked
Have had their lifeblood taken
The people I once knew
No longer thrive here
Instead, hatred and darkness grew
And instilled in me both anger and fear

For what cannot be replaced
Was torn from these lands
For the evil that the people faced
Refused to give in to their demands
Without fault and without surrender
The skies wept out and cried
They were treated as a violent offender
Their voice strangled till it gave up and died

For within the heart of man lies
A terrible seed waiting to grow
Waiting patiently to sow its ties
Swallowing their hope, drowned in woes
For the foes that they faced
Had their hearts in the right place
However, their intentions displaced
Formed a mask that shielded their true face

Beneath this guise, bloodshed they wrought
Destruction all but lied in their wake
As the darkness that they had brought
Shook the Earth with a terrible quake
Make no mistake this now foreign entity
Was once referred to as a friend
With swift juncture and great brevity
The once peaceful ties would face an end

Abandoned, left stranded, I wander
My heart filled with horror and wonder
As the place I called home, left in squander
Could have possibly gone under
A land, nay a culture, a people, gone
Within the blink of an eye
No more blood to be drawn
No one left to call out or cry

The world that I once knew
Its vibrancy has left me
The dirt where the grass once grew
Now void of what it should be
The skies no longer part 
Not a single ray of sunshine
The air around me tasting tart
No longer welcomed by the divine

The wars that were waged
In the names of the lives lost
Left people starved, caged
Their lives, penance, as a cost
Revenge is what they seeked
And revenge is what they got
Destruction is what they wreaked
Having is what they had wrought 

Their bodies, their channels, laid open
The people, once proud, faced demise
My prayers remained unspoken
As I waited for the fields to rise
From the ashes of the damned
I hoped I had paid my repentance
My hands worked through the grime
I had received another sentence
One that was worthy of my crime

My people have all perished
Due to the hatred I had sought
I exchanged what I most cherished
The seed of hate, I had bought
My hatred towards the others
Those I had deemed, lower, lesser
Left barren were my brothers
No clothes can be found within my dresser

I once thought I was wise
My vision of self was twisted and frayed
From these ashes, I must rise
And face the mistake I have made
The ending I could not foresee
The enemy I thought laid beneath the twisted tree
The monster I thought I killed to set my people free
Lives on and will hopefully perish alongside me


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