Partake in Serin

Humanity as a species is weak
Their life force tired and depleted
Many hide their souls
Knowing that this world has them defeated
Many accept their fate,
Leaving this world impotent
Their lives worthless and short
Embracing a death that is imminent
But life does not have to be this way
You do not have to remain insignificant

The world is cruel and unforgiving
And those too ignorant to its ways
Will be doomed to falter and fade
Having lost the battle for their
Stake in this existence
They wilt and wither
Like a flower in the winter
The cost of life is death
And that cost must be paid
You can sacrifice yourself or trade

Loss and sacrifice mean
Nothing in the end
You can only rely on yourself
Not your family or your friend
No one will love you
Simply for who you are
To truly rise above the others
You must become a star
To have power in this world
You must show power near and far

No one will trust you
If you do not look the part
Taking pride in yourself
Is where you must start
Remove your old garments
And adorn yourself in
What must be worn
For power comes to those
Who embrace our sublime aesthetic
Without it, you are simply pathetic

No hope will remain
For those without determination
Determine your fate
And protest the world in indignation
For if you desire to be known
Amongst the peoples of every nation
Release yourself from the binds
Of this world’s pathetic frustrations
Dominate those beneath you
And deny them of any relation

None shall be like us
All will look up to us
Beauty and power
Is an absolute must
No one will obey you
If you cannot play the part
So when they beg for mercy
Do not hesitate in tearing them apart
Allow for the aesthetic
To fill up your heart

Elegance and eloquence
Interlaced with extravagance and decadence
Within the inner workings of darkness
There lies a bit of credence
No one will love or respect you
When you bow and show weakness
Strength is shown, bore for all to see
It is fun to entertain the idea
That all men and women are free
The idea of wallowing in nothing is ghastly

The followers of the world
Know not what they walk towards
Their lives will be engulfed
In pain, misery, and war
To hide from this fact, we must
Dawn a new face
Gain the weaker ones’ trust
Then destroy them, leaving no trace
There is no saving grace Unless you are
Playing your deck of cards with an ace

Trade your old life for glamour
For passion and sensation
Abandon your sorrows
In exchange for jubilation
You need not sacrifice your soul
To the demons and their predation
We shall stomp on our enemies
With pride and elation
We must rise as one
And begin our creation

We must forge a new world
Out of the old and dying one
We shall be shining new beacons
Ones to replace this world’s dying sun
Destruction shall be left in our wake
Our enemies shall weep and quake
The toxins and Venenum
Have sealed their fate
Partake in Serin

And execute the mandate


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