I Am Venenum

Sensations of sweet nectar
The gorgeous and luscious layers
Of the drug, as it drips, pours,
Slides down your throat
Its sensation stains your lips
It begs for you to part them
To allow it in, to allow it 
To make a home within you, 
Your very soul
Is what it craves

The sensation of freedom
It always feels so fleeting to most
The lackluster feeling of monotony,
Of stress, debts, obligations, the past
Slowly, they drain you of your resolve
Consistency cannot be maintained
And you falter, only to try and 
Correct yourself, ashamed of your flaws
Incapable of overcoming your burdens
All people die, but few ever truly live

Few ever find release from this cycle
As those before us taught us
Punishment is what comes to those
Who are unable or unwilling to fulfill
The obligations of those over them
The oppressive weight of those above
Weighs down upon the collective
Further driving everyone into complacency
Unsure of which direction to take
And assuming roles that were preassigned

The notion of free will
Is a false pretense
Under which, we place trust in
Our abilities, of which were determined
By factors beyond our control.  
Hoping that we will find our place
Within a world created by someone
Other than ourselves, hoping that
We will be fulfilled, that we will
Find success, love, or somewhere to belong

The desire to belong with someone
It is so strong within humanity
That being separated
From a group or not being a part
Of one slowly destroys our minds,
Places us into a zombie state,
And leaves us to decay and rot
The sensations of social collapse
Felt around us as we perceive it
Humans cannot sustain themselves

Perception is where many are fooled
Call it what you will, but our soul,
Our consciousness, the makeup
Of every memory, every trait
Of our personality is ingrained
Within us on a fundamental level
And shapes how we take in data,
How we process information,
And how it affects our very
Image of ourselves

Many people prefer not to humor 
The idea that every human who 
Has ever lived or ever will live 
Is capable of the worst darkness
And the most diabolical evil
Instead, they try to rationalize
Their anger, their hatred, their hunger
And the desires that consume them
That they come from something 
Other than them, outside of themselves

Nothing could be further from the truth
Darkness lurks within us all
There is no escaping or hiding from it
Everyone is capable of becoming the best
Or the worst versions of themselves 
No one is exempt from this
To have control over one’s own darkness
Is to have control over the root
From which new strength can be found
And can be used to do anything

Power is something everyone desires
But few know how to control it
Leading to the corruption of many 
Power both provides freedoms and 
Takes away freedoms, leaving behind
Burdens, burdens which few can bear
Leading to many with great power 
Incapable of sustaining it while
Holding on to who they are
And leads to their collapse

From the ashes of a fallen soul
Something dark emerges
Ready to take root and grow
For the fertile ashes and rot
Of the fallen foster newfound evil
Of which few can escape 
Once it takes root
The collapse of the soul 
Allows for darkness to take root
And from it, the worst version
Of ourselves emerges

The shatter of the psyche 
And the scattered blood and soul
That emerges from the collapse
Allows the inner darkness
To become fertile and take control
The ongoing battle between this
Aspect of ourselves and 
The desire to be seen as “good”
Drives many to fight this aspect
That desperately wishes to get out

The idea of assigning good or bad
To anything feels almost natural 
As if that is how we should be
How everything must be
And everything must be right
Within our own little world 
Or we break down
We fall apart, unable to handle
The weight of ourselves
Devolving to a vulnerable state

This weakness comes out of us
As we allow darkness to form
And shape us into whatever
It likes, caring not about 
Previous ambitions or goals
And focusing only on simple
Meaningless desires
And the darkest of temptations
When we fall apart we either
Reemerge or we die

So many people will take
Their lives to escape the pain,
The suffering, the torment,
And others will laugh on
Acting upon a darker aspect
Of themselves that they 
So desperately try to hide
These people do not care
About you or those you love
They only care for themselves

Humans are hedonistic by nature
Seeking out simple pleasures
And immediate fulfillment
Incapable of seeing into the far future
Only focused on the present or past
And unwilling to undergo major change
Once someone is set in their ways
There is little you can do to change them
And what darkness they carry with them
Will haunt them for the rest of their days

So now I ask you…why?
Why allow yourself to be crushed
By the thing that you so desperately avoid?
Why allow yourself to be manipulated
By those who don’t care about you?
Why allow yourself to falter
Rather than pursue something greater?
The darkness doesn’t have to control you
You can control the darkness 
And use its power to your benefit

To accept this darkness is to accept
The worst of yourself
You must accept that you are capable
Of the worst if you wish to take hold
Of this darkness and use it
Once you have control
There are no limits 
Once you have control
You are capable of everything
Both the best and the worst

Enjoy yourself for once
Relinquish the fear of darkness
And embrace it
Allow it to wrap around you
Like a warm embrace
And allow it to flourish around you
For once it grows, you shall rise
And from the ashes 
Of your former self
You will be enlightened

Take those drugs and feel free
Take what is yours
No matter how much they scream
Kill those who are unworthy
Make those you desire kneel before you
Conquer those who oppose you
Take the sip of the forbidden wine
Consume the rotten flesh
Make your remaining days yours
And let your darkness flow

Death is only the end to a chapter
Upon which, a new page will unfold
Heed my words, for I was once like you
But my darkness has allowed me to transform
I am no longer the meek man I once was
Sitting behind a monotonous desk, crunching away
At numbers, hoping to make ends meet
I have been reborn as a being of pure darkness
I can bring pleasure, pain, desire, and destruction 
For I am the embodiment of darkness
I. Am. Venenum.


The Mad Catter said…
Hmmm, already recorded a reading of this, but new inspiration has struck. Time to seize it by the throat.

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