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La Bestia

*This story is based on true events and is a form of historical fiction.  If you are not 18 or over, please click off of this page now.* It has been decades since I have written about this man…this monster.   But with the recent information I have received from Interpol and the American government, it might be best to come forth with this story and with my experience with one of the most deadly killers in the world.   I am an American psychiatrist who, during her early years, made a trip down to Colombia to document and have a discussion with one of the most violent and deadly documented serial killers in South America.   I will keep his name disclosed, as he is already known well enough and I would hate to give this disgusting excuse of a man any further fame than he already has.   I was sent by the American government and by Interpol to go and evaluate this man and try and gain as much of an understanding of his mental state as I could, as well as any other information