Tomb of The Dark Somnium

February 24

Our expedition began south of the Nile and a score away from the ancient pyramids of eons past.   Trekking along past several large dunes, we came to the site, having been alerted by one of the other nearby teams of its existence.  A few of the observations I made upon approaching the tomb were that, upon first glance, this was no ordinary tomb.  The first was that the tomb was hidden away from the surface, having been buried underneath a sand dune.  The second was that one of the other teams’ field agents found it by sinking below the sand as they sank towards the floor of the entrance.  And the third, yet most peculiar observation was that once the field agent made contact with the floor, he immediately fell unconscious and the rest of the team had to drag his limp body out from under the sand before he fully sank underneath.  

Workers have unearthed the tomb from underneath the sand, but a few collapsed at the foot of the entrance for some rather mysterious reason.  It appeared that either due to exhaustion or due to some mysterious force involving the tomb would cause the workers to collapse and immediately fall into a deep slumber.  A telegram was sent back to England to warrant a shipment of fresh coffee beans from the Americas to help us keep awake during this expedition.  Out of all the discoveries my team had made over the last decade, this one by far was the most mysterious yet intriguing.

February 26

Our camps were made and over the course of two days, our team would take shifts in working on uncovering the full entrance and revealing the door to the chamber.  We did this so that some of us were able to carry the others out once they fell unconscious.  Another team came by and traded us some coffee for a couple of artifacts that we had stowed away on our persons.  The added benefit of coffee helped us to hasten our efforts un dusting and removing the sand that covered the walls, steps, and door to the tomb.  Continuing on with our work, we slowly began to uncover symbols outside of the stone tomb, and revealed a door with a small window.  What was strange is that, the closer we got to the door, the sleepier we became.  Until more coffee and other means to help us stay awake come, I am afraid we will simply have to wait outside, hoping that the walls around the entrance and the small glimpse inside can provide us with some clues as to who, or rather what may be buried within the tomb.

March 1

Resources arrived last night and we are all well rested for today.  Today marks the first day that we try to open the tomb.  Over the course of the last several days, I collected notes on the symbols on the walls.  They seemed to send a message.  “Here lies the cursed tomb of the one known as Somnium.” These symbols were not there simply for show, they represented a warning.  A warning to all who may cross paths, and to all who may enter the tomb.  As silly as that may seem, the tomb seemed to have a life of its own, and unfortunately for us, we were required to dig up and retrieve what we could from the tomb.  We took shifts again, working as soon as we could wake up to remove all of the sand and dust from the entrance and look for a means by which to open the chamber door.  

It remained locked for several hours, as many men tried their best to slide it open.  All attempts appeared to fail as each new team member would simply fall asleep after several minutes of work.  The door was well sealed and showed little signs of opening with ease.  So, we decided to make work with the tools at hand and broke through the door itself.  Unfortunately, no men were left to be able to remove the artifacts by the time the door had been opened and the sun was about to set, so we moved the men back to their tents and will be awaiting entry tomorrow.  Hopefully, we will find something in this tomb that is worth all of our efforts.

March 2

Our expedition has come to a screeching halt.  No further expeditions can be made on this trip.  A disaster has occurred.  Upon entering the tomb the next day, an evil was awoken.  I made my way inside along with a group of men, freshly awoken from the previous day and having consumed several cups of coffee to try and stay awake as long as possible, I found myself looking at the walls inside of the tomb, and writing down everything frantically as the other members of my team grouped together and quickly began to remove all artifacts from the room en masse to avoid the quick effects of the tomb from dragging them down into a deep slumber. 

I had copied down almost every symbol within the tomb that I could find on each wall by the time another team of men had arrived inside to remove the sarcophagus, only to realize that who, or rather what lied inside of it was still alive and was angry for being disturbed.  The mummified being leapt out of the sarcophagus and began to brutally beat and lash out at one of the members of the team, ripping their throat out savagely before turning its focus onto it’s next target.  I quickly ran out of the tomb and signaled for others to come and help contain the mummified being.  As I looked through the symbols for some answer as to why this was happening, I kept hearing the horrifying screams and cries of men who were brutally killed, trying to contain the being.  Reading through the symbols, riddles began to appear.

“Slumber comes to those who wait
Disturb ones who slumber, and feel their hate
Never disturb the who slumbers, in wait
Or you shall meet a gruesome fate”

This riddle drove a wave of terror over me as I began to try and figure out how to stop the being who had been awakened from killing everyone on site.  I began to comb through and search through the notes I had taken until I came across a riddle that seemed to present an answer. 

“To quell the one who slumbers and sleeps
One must free the spirit that creeps
For sleep is what Somnium reaps
So free the spirit and return him to sleep”

I frantically searched through the artifacts that had been removed from the tomb, desperately hoping to find something that would help seal him back within the sarcophagus, and I finally came across a jar that had a symbol of death across it with a special seal on the top that showed a similar symbol to the one that was on the sarcophagus.  I tried to find anything else that would possibly be better than the jar, but it was too late.  The mummified being had killed off everyone within the tomb and was quickly making its way out towards me and the rest of the team.  I had no other choice.  I threw the jar at the being, hoping it would stop, and surprisingly it worked.  A cloud of thick dust and ash washed over the being like a cloud and began to swirl around the being.  It collapsed to the ground and immediately fell into a deep slumber.  The things within the jar worked.  The remainder of our team brought out the remaining portions of the sarcophagus the being burst out of and placed the body back inside.  We sealed it up and sealed the tomb, leaving the members of the team who lost their lives there to serve as a reminder of our expedition and our sacrifice.  We will be beginning our journey back to England over the next several weeks.  Hopefully everything will make it to the museum in one piece.

April 13

We arrived back in London with our cargo in tow, but something strange began to happen.  Three of the remaining member of our team died from a mysterious disease, and two more seem to have caught whatever it was as we arrived back.  As we made our journey back, more and more riddles within the symbols came to light.  Some were meaningless, some had some rather strange significance, and one stood out to us as a scary form of prophecy that my team was living out, as well as dying from. 

“Disturb Somnium while he sleeps
And your soul will be what he reaps
Blood and bones in dying heaps
Shall be shed for disturbing the one who sleeps”

The riddle was rather strange but the message was clear.  We had disturbed a powerful being who had only one purpose; to sleep.  For our grave error, we would pay the ultimate price with our lives.  The artifacts and our names will forever be preserved in the museum, but my soul will soon be one with that of Somnium.  I feel myself growing weaker with each passing day, as if a dark cloud hung over my entire vision.  This being, known as Somnium is a dark force to be reckoned with, and should never be disturbed.   If anyone ever were to find this journal heed my warning; never awaken The Dark Somnium.


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