To Love (A Valentine's Day Poem)

Live, laugh, and love
These were things I was taught since
I was very young
But every attempt at it made me wince
And my head low I hung
It always seemed to come easy to some
And hard to others
Every time I tried to find 
Love, I felt loss, without friends or brothers
To aid me or to guide me
Loneliness always hung around, bind 
And confine itself, never to let me free
Until you came to me

The one blossom
Ready to bloom
And shatter what was held in my bosom
All of the doom and gloom
Within you, I found a bit of myself
And unlike in the past
I found it without much help
Everything seemed to move fast
And love flew by us as well
The emotions cascading like a waterfall
Within us each moment came to a swell
Bringing along with it a well
Of enriching waters to cleanse
And opened up a brand new lens

By which to see,
To think, to feel
I would watch out memories over again
Like they were a memory reel
And finding more and more
How much this relationship had its appeal
Yet in spite of its zeal
We had to face challenges that were real
Lines began to split and began to crack
After the damage had been done
There was no going back
I tried my best to win you over
Or at least to get things back on track
It took some time but it healed
It made me so happy to find 
Our loved being re-revealed

Rediscovering love and finding it within us
Helped to reinforce out bond
And helped us to regain our trust
As these words are written now
I write them out of love, not of lust
And I long for them to linger
Till we have passed and turned to dust
In many ways, we are like life itself
What we have cannot bought or sold
Cannot be taken from a shelf
Material things pale in comparison 
But having them to show love helps
Being with you has taught me many things
But one thing I will carry with me
To lands far above
Is to live, to laugh, and most importantly, 

to love.


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