Why do you resent me?
Was it something I said?
Is it how I look?
Or what I do?
All I ask is an answer. 

I remain humble in your response,
Patient and waiting for you to
Impart your reasons upon me
But..I have yet to hear your reply
So I ask why

Why won’t you love me
Like you used to?
Why can’t we have the same love
We used to have?
What changed?

Did I not love you enough?
I spent every moment I could
Did so much to help
Spent every minute I could with you
I showed my love every chance I could

Or was I just not enough?
Did I not do enough for you?
Was what I did the least?
Or did you just need more?
I think you just wanted more

I think you needed some more time 
Time I tried to give you
But no, you didn’t want that
Nor did you need it

Maybe I wasn’t enough then
Maybe I wasn’t enough of a lover
I didn’t show you how I was a fighter
So now I’ll prove to you now 
Just how much I am a killer

No, no!  There’s no going back now!
After all that I’ve been through 
After all that YOU put me through
I’ll do my best to stay true 
Once I am done dispatching you

You brought this upon yourself!
There will be no escape 
No one to save you
No one to hear you cry
It’s just you and I

I want to hear bones break
To feel flesh peel itself back
To smell and taste blood 
And to see you split in two
You will feel my resentment

As I for the last time feel you


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